Ten for Your Attention: 8/30/16


It’s a conundrum I’ve faced before, and it is staring me in the face yet again.  There’s a large quantity of music worth discussing in great detail, with not near enough time to give each act the attention it deserves.  As a result, I select an option I’ve become all too familiar with.  Write very short entries on each of the ten acts.  It’s not my preferred option, but it beats not sharing these tunes with you.

I began with the song “Estacado” by Jacob Furr.  A version of the song was released earlier this year on the Live at the Live Oak, Vol. 1 compilation.  What you’re hearing below is the version that will appear on Furr’s upcoming release, Sierra Madre.  Furr will hold a CD release show this Saturday at Magnolia Motor Lounge.  If you can attend the show, I strongly recommend you go and pick up a copy.  There are good records, there are great records, and then there are records that hit you in the heart.  Sierra Madre falls undeniably in category #3.  A Lubbock blog called New Slang will premiere the entire album tomorrow, but Jacob has kindly allowed me to premiere”Estacado” today.

Up next is a new track from psych rock outfit Prism Cloud.  I’ve noticed a large number of new songs on their Soundcloud page, which leads me to believe there’ll be either a new EP or album in the near future.  Here’s my favorite of the new tracks, “Videotape”.

Glen Reynolds is one very well connected fella in local music.  Many older local music fans know him from his work in Chomsky, but that’s just the tip of his iceberg of musical experience.  In addition to his work in cover acts like Panic and Weener, he’s also a well respected producer.  Now Reynolds can add another notch under his musical belt with his indie-electronic act Starr Blazerz.  The group’s album Reconstruction drops Friday.  Here’s a track from that album called “Knife in Your Heart”, which is a favorite of both mine and Reynolds.

Starr Blazerz, “Knife in Your Heart”


Dallas soul songstress Cassie Holt (and her backup band The Lost Souls) is back with a new album called Sevens.  There are seven songs, each named after one of the seven deadly sins.  So, who else besides me feels the need for “Greed”?

Modern Gandhis is a ridiculous band name. “If You Focus Closely on This Song You’ll See It’s Completely a Mess” is a ridiculous song title. But at least it’s a fun ridiculous mess.

This probably isn’t breaking news to you, but Jonas Martin just released an album.  While The Ghost hasn’t had time to sample The Color Scheme in full, I can already tell this is a complex, challenging, and very creative effort from Mr. Martin.  I also sense this is an album best appreciated as a whole rather than by its parts.  And yet, here I am offering you up just a part of The Color Scheme.  Here’s the opening cut, “Life-Obsessed”.

I stumbled upon Austin band Jay Satellite about a year ago while perusing Bandcamp.  The group returns with a new digital single.  Here’s the A side (so to speak) of the single, “The Last Time”.

Feeling like some more Austin music?  I’ve got a compilation for you then.  Austin, Class of 2016 (courtesy of Flavorsound Productions) features seventeen cool indie nuggets from our state’s capital.  Among the cool tracks include “Blue and Green” by Lola Tried (featured as a previous Song of the Day on KUTX), and “My Intentions Are Good” by Pema (featured more than once on a Sunday Spotify Sixteen).  And then there’s the surf rock goodness of the below track, “Bump the Rump” by Mean Jolene.

This is She Banshee. They’re from Denton. They play rock music. They have a song called “Virgins”. It’s good. Very good.

Finally, I present to you what was Street Arabs (shown above). The band played their final show this past June, and now their last album Heavy Trip is available for purchase.  Take a listen to the title track and enjoy the strange trip that was Street Arabs.

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