Sunday Spotify 16: 9/18/16

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Simply put, The Ghost has not had the words in him lately.  Too many stresses, not enough time.  There are songs, stories, and bits of news that I have not been able to share, and for that, I apologize.  I hope to start to resume writing at a greater volume soon.  I even hope to have a really, really big post to share in the coming days.  Until then, I bring you what has become a staple for local music fans: the Sunday Spotify 16.

  1. Mur, “Long Way from the Weekend”
    There’s something very 70’s radio pop in Mur’s latest album, Fire Escapes.  The sound of these songs could sneak in between tracks by Elton John and Jackson Browne without missing a beat.  Not only do the melodies of the album’s songs feel reminiscent of that decade, but the attention to songwriting and lyrics paid by lead singer Max Hartman makes the 70’s comparisons even more appropriate.
  2. Ishi, “Classic Lips”
    I have to confess that “Bring the Thunder”, the first track I heard off of Juno, didn’t exactly bring the thunder for yours truly.  “Classic Lips”, however, is a really strong dance tracks with a much more over-the-top pop sensibility than is traditionally found in Ishi tracks.
  3. Flip and the Combined Living, “Sphere of Living”
    I discovered this band through Mikey from (monkeysphere).  And the song I’m sharing contains the word sphere.  Coincidence, or is there a deeper conspiracy at hand?
  4. Blue Healer, “Crystal Chandeliers”
    I don’t know why, but every time I listen to Blue Healer, I picture them being huge on the radio in 1988 or so.  This song does nothing to change that perception for me.
  5. True Widow, “Entheogen”
    While I still believe that “Theurgist” is the stronger of the two tracks shared thus far from AVVOLGERE, perhaps I haven’t given this track enough credit.  It still retains all the droning, sludgy qualities that made me love this band in the first place.
  6. I Happy Am, “Fragile”
    There’s always been a quirky charm to the songs that Rebekah Elizabeth of I Happy Am writes.  The songs off of The Prophet, The Giant, and the Invisible Man are still charming and quirky.  Yet those traits seem more secondary now, especially the quirkiness.  The songwriting is most definitely stronger, making listening to I Happy Am an even more happiness inducing event.
  7. Monoculture, “Absurd”
    This track isn’t as heavy on the psychedelic vibe, or even on the blues vibe.  Still, there’s a very enjoyable 1960’s pop vibe to this song which warrants repeat listens.
  8. Sudie, “Schitzo”
    I wanted to put Sudie on this week’s playlist to promote the fact that she headlines Lokal No. 3 show at Dada Thursday night.  Also, because she’s amazing.
  9. Sorta, “Sink or Swim”
    The melody of this track is more representative of where The Ghost’s mood has been as of late…
  10. Siberian Traps, “Stray Dogs”
    And the joy of the jangly pop in this Siberian Traps song represents where The Ghost’s mood is reaching for.
  11. Picnic Lightning, “(Son of) Fort Worth, Texas Is About to Explode”
    Daniel Markham, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t know if “Slayer Tapes & AM Radio” can hold on to its title of best song title of the year.
  12. Cassie Holt, “Gluttony”
    Cassie Holt has a dang sexy voice, as demonstrated on “Gluttony”.  Plus, Headkrack appears on the song, so “Gluttony” also has that going for it.
  13. NeonNoah, “Dreaming with the Lights On”
    NeonNoah have a big CD release show Friday night at The Door.  I’ve gotten to sample the new album, Bella Vita.  It’s good.  Really, really good.  You should go see them at The Door, along with Bryce, Vesperteen, and VVOES.  I mean, if you’re into stuff like good music.
  14. The Sound of Curves, “London”
    My thanks to ILA Minori for turning me on to this San Antonio band.  She did a live stream of this band’s show Saturday night, and I caught them towards the end of “London”.  I figured I’d add the song in case y’all enjoy the track as much as I did.
  15. The Nightowls, “Right Around the Corner”
    Earlier, I mentioned stories that I’ve been wanting and needing to write.  High up on that list is my review of The Nightowl’s recent show at Three Links.  Maybe I can get that out later this week.
  16. The Gibbonses, “Tough as Nails”
    I subscribe to The Gibbonses’ email list, and they’re encouraging fans to request the song “Outbound” to their favorite stations.  While I’d certainly welcome any track of theirs to make it on the radio, “Tough as Nails” is easily my favorite.  The earnestness of Jackie Pock’s vocals set to this bluesy Americana tune is really something special.
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