Sunday Spotify 16: 9/25/16

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So, you may have heard about this 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards thing going on.  Expect to hear announcements very soon regarding the actual awards ceremony.  In the meantime, I encourage you to vote, and spread the word to all your friends.  Remember, it’s your civic duty to vote in The Ghosty Awards!

Speaking of duties, it’s my weekly duty to provide you with a Sunday Spotify 16.  It should be no surprise that this week’s playlist leans heavily on acts with nominations.  There are still a few non-nominated acts among the sixteen, as well as some new releases.  So have a seat, press play, and listen away!

  1. Cut Throat Finches, “Boundaries”
    Congratulations to Cut Throat Finches, who earned seven nominations this year, more than any other act. And that’s after their “birthday gift” of a Wham! cover.
  2. Pinata Protest, “Volver, Volver”
    If you feel like going to a show tonight, Three Links would be an excellent choice. San Antonio based Pinata Protest will bring their Tex-Mex flavored punk rock to the venue. If the songs I’ve listened to are any indication, I’d imagine this would be a very entertaining show. Vandoliers and Responsible Johnny, also entertaining acts, open the show.
  3. True Widow, “F.W.T.S.: L.T.M.”
    A True Widow song title consisting of only letters? Who’d have guessed it? On a completely separate note, Nicole Estill earned herself a nomination for Best Bassist.
  4. Mur, “Climb and Fall”
    Mur released Fire Escapes a matter of weeks before the nominations were announced. While Max Hartman got a nod for Best Keyboardist, the album hadn’t been out long enough for it to appropriately sink in with me. Had it been released even in August, I strongly suspect it’d be getting a nod. Let this be a lesson: don’t release killer albums a week or two before the nomination process ends.
  5. Boss Battle, “Jolt”
    It’s been awhile since I’ve highlighted this band, but I figure now’s a good time to remind the GOBL readers of the band. So here’s your reminder: Boss Battle was nominated for Best Texas Act and Best Texas EP for Attack Time. And they’re awesome. Reminder given.
  6. Northern National, “Addiction”
    I’ll be totally honest: many of Northern National’s tracks are a little too poppy and polished for my taste. I’ve always recognized their talent, but it didn’t click with me personally. “Addiction”, however, finds the band in a grittier, almost Black Keys vibe, and it fits them very nicely. Would love to see the band pursue this musical vein further.
  7. Party Static, “Wasted Waster”
    Just a fun party track from Party Static.
  8. Jonas Martin, “Because Love”
    Due to his move to NYC, next year he’ll only qualify for Best Questionably Local Act. Since The Color Scheme was released while residing here, he still earns a Best Album nomination, along with Best Solo Artist. Not bad for a born again Yankee.
  9. (monkeysphere), “Dance Into the Void”
    Sure, “Come Back to the Show” is the more popular track from the band. I felt this track better showed off the musical skills of Mikey Frenchtoast and Colton Crews, who earned Ghosty nominations for Best Bassist and Best Drummer respectively. Plus, the band earned several other nominations, including the highly coveted Best Live Act nomination.
  10. 88 Killa, “Boomerang”
    I hope to have an announcement soon regarding this Best Rap/Hip-Hop nominee.
  11. Kinsley August, “Smokey Lovers”
    A few weeks ago, I shared this song on a Sunday playlist. The following Sunday, Mark plays it on the Local Ticket. Coincidence? Probably, but I’m going to try to give myself credit for Mark’s fine decision.
  12. Somogyi, “T.M.I.”
    Just in case you didn’t get enough initial based music from the earlier True Widow track, here’s another courtesy of Ghosty nominee Somogyi. She’s up for Best Pop Artist. That probably has something to do with her ability to construct a catchy yet beautifully smart tune. Oh, and her vocals are pretty darn amazing too.
  13. Signals and Alibis, “Whistleblower”
    While Signals and Alibis themselves weren’t nominated per se, lead singer Rebecca Jozwiak earned a total of three nominations. She earned one for Best Folk/Acoustic artists, as well as nods for Best Songwriter and Musical MVP. The latter two nominations were earned on the strength of both her solo career and her work with S&A.
  14. Hoaxes, “Baby Blue”
    When thinking of Texas bands, I tend to focus on Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. El Paso often gets overlooked, and that shouldn’t happen. Hoaxes is a case in point of a really strong band from that fine city.
  15. Toadies, “Tyler”
    The band earned a nomination for Best Beyond the Metroplex Act based on the strength of their Heretics album. I thought about sharing that album’s version of “Tyler”, but opted for the original from Rubberneck instead. You don’t mind, do you? I figured you wouldn’t.
  16. Cameron Matthew Ray, “Her Song”
    Time constraints have prevented The Ghost from writing many an interesting local music story. It remains to be seen if I’ll get to cover Mr. Ray’s upcoming show at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Planetarium show in the detail it so deserves. If not, know that this Thursday he’ll perform his music set to a show at the planetarium. Stars and songs? An absolutely awe-inspiring combination. Oh, and for those keeping score at home, Cameron also received nominations for Best Male Vocalist and Best Folk/Acoustic Act.
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