Ghosty Nominees 2016: Best EP

kizoa best ep

Expect an announcement very, very soon regarding the Ghosty Award ceremony.  In the meantime, I figure it’s time to start shining the spotlight on some nominees.  We’ll start with the nominees for Best EP.  Since EP’s are short by nature, I’ll keep my comments brief as well.  Feel free to vote in this category (and any other category), as I’ll keep the polls open until Saturday, November 19th at 11:59 PM CST.  Here are your nominees:

Alexandria RheaNaked Soul

This young lady has managed to combine the best aspects of 60’s folk with 90’s era alt-singer songwriters, bringing an exciting approach to the genre.

Bronco Simmons, Younger Days

Fans of 90’s era alt-rock will not be disappointed in this collection of tunes that are equal parts rock and pop hooks.

Dezi 5, Crucifixion on the Dance Floor

If you’re needing music for your party, it doesn’t get better than what Dezi 5 has to offer.

(monkeysphere), Music for Awkward People to Dance To

While the band recently announced that they’re take a rest, their latest (but hopefully not final) EP shows the band stretching the possibilities of what ska can do.

Relick, Twin House

I suppose a band could put more solid hooks into songs that Relick can, but damn, that’d be tough to do.

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