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Hand modeling courtesy of Jon Bravo (Rude King)

For the past nine years, The Ghost has been working hard to help promote the great music both in the DFW area and throughout this state.  This is a project I have taken on single-handedly.  While it has always been a challenge, I have mostly been able to do the work/blog juggle.  Lately, however, I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the stories, bookings, and all the other Ghostly activities I would like to pursue.  I have felt overwhelmed, which has only gotten me further behind on all I want to do.  This has lead me to the conclusion that The Ghost needs a helping hand.

It’s worth noting that I already receive assistance on the technical hand from Easy Local Marketing, but now it is time to get assistance on the content of the blog.  The Ghost cannot offer financial compensation for your work, which would make this more of an “intern” type position.  You don’t have to fetch The Ghost coffee or anything like that.  Your responsibilities will consist more of helping with preparation of articles, as well as helping to maintain the website’s calendar.  Plus, if you’re a good writer, I might let you contribute from time to time.  And while there will be no financial compensation (as least at this point), there may be the possibility of extra perks of the job (CD’s, free entry to concerts, etc.).

If this interests you, please feel free to Talk to the Ghost about it.  You can list your qualifications, but more importantly, explain to me why you would want to work for the blog.  Tell me what you love about local music.  Tell me how you think you could help Ghost of Blind Lemon better serve the local music community.  If your skills match your passion, then you’re just who the Ghost needs as his helping hand.

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