Sunday Spotify 16: 10/16/16

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  1. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Blindfold”
    “Blindfold” is the perfect blending of what Ducado and Zenya are: a funky yet rocking mix that draws equal parts influence from Prince and Evanescence.  Actually, that statement isn’t accurate.  The song is a perfect blending of what they were.  Their new EP, Black OuT, looks to be the duo’s most ambitious recordings to date.  Ducado has suggested that there’s a large electronic influence on the new songs, and hints that there may be elements of rock and even jazz thrown in.  Is it true?  I don’t know, as even The Ghost hasn’t heard the new songs yet.  I’m prepared for as much of a surprise as the audience will be Friday night at Sundown at Granada, when the duo celebrates its EP release.  Poppy Xander opens the show, and yours truly is hosting.  Oh, and the duo is also nominated for a Ghosty Award for Best Funk/R&B if you feel so inclined to vote.
  2. Wall of Orange, “Sweetest Blue”
    Overall, if forced to classify this song as either shoegaze or pop, I’d veer towards the later genre.  Having said that, there’s a sweeping, dramatic orchestration in this song that gives it a complexity found in 99.9% of “pop” tunes.
  3. The Phantom Sensation, “One After 665”
    Here’s another band you can vote for in the Ghosty Awards: TPS is nominated for Best Alt-Country Act.  Some may balk and say they’re either country, Americana, or post-cowpunk core.  I say they put an interesting twist on the country genre, which is enough in The Ghost’s book to warrant this nomination.
  4. Loafers, “In My Heart”
    Just some lo-fi garage pop goodness.  Pretty simple, yet not.
  5. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Siren Song”
    I had the opportunity to meet the lead singer, Droo D’Anna, at Curtain Club last night.  He’s a cool fellow with strong local music opinions, which is always cool in The Ghost’s book.  And then there’s this song.  It’s quirky, but also catchy as all get out.  While I haven’t dived far enough into the band’s album The War for Love, this song suggests to me that Droo’s Peace Crush is a group to watch for.
  6. Tablet, “Stop Freaking Out”
    Speaking of Curtain Club, I finally saw Tablet live.  Dudes can still rock.  This was one of my favorite tracks of the whole set.
  7. Daniel Markham, “Disintegration”
    Ready for another shameless promotion of this year’s Ghosty Awards?  Too bad, I’m doing it whether you like it or not.  Mr. Markham may have only earned two nods, but I think you’ll agree that Best Solo Artist and Musical MVP are quite significant categories for which to be nominated.
  8. Dust to Dust, “Early Morning Hours”
    The comparisons between Dust to Dust and The Civil Wars are bound to happen, especially considering the fact that this duo lifted its name from a song from The Civil Wars’ self-titled album.  Still, fans of the band (or fans of good acoustic music) will want to give Dust to Dust a listen.  You can also listen to them live this Thursday at Opening Bell Coffee, when the group opens for Stephen Houpt.
  9. Reverend KM Williams, “The Runaway Blues”
    So, you thought there were no blues artists in Dallas worth checking out when Charley Crockett moved to Austin?  Well, perhaps a listen to Mr. Williams will set you straight.
  10. SASO, “Stephanie”
    Imagine a Venn diagram with one circle representing well-written songs, and the other circle representing songs with hit single potential.  “Stephanie” would be part of that intersection between the circles.
  11. NeonNoah, “Atlas”
    This playlist just felt like it needed some NeonNoah.
  12. Blue Healer, “Only the Rain”
    With each listen, I love this song just a little bit more.
  13. Hightower, “Echo Spring”
    How did the fact that Echo Spring was just released on vinyl slip underneath The Ghost’s radar?  Well, I learned that last week, and am passing the news on to my readers.  Plan your budgets accordingly.  Oh, and feel free to vote for the band in the Ghosty Awards.  I don’t feel like listing all their nominations, as there are more than a few.  But yeah, they’re nominated.
  14. Party Static, “Wasted Waster”
    Is it just me, or is that guitar riff from 0:30 to 0:38 in the song beyond sick?  Well played, Brett Michael, well played.
  15. Matt Tedder, “Down the Road”
    Hmm… between Reverend KM Williams and Matt Tedder, is it possible that blues could get a well deserved moment in the spotlight again?
  16. Shawnee Kilgore, “Love Song”
    The Austin singer-songwriter collaborated with Joss Whedon (yes, that Joss Whedon) for her latest EP, Back to Eden.  This track closes the EP, and stunningly beautiful.  Whedon’s name may help Kilgore receive additional attention, but her breathy vocals a la Leigh Nash are enough to earn the singer attention in her own right.
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