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First of all, thank you for all the wonderful response to my open letter to Dallas.  It’s obvious that The Ghost is not the only one frustrated with the status of things in our music community.  My hope is that this begins a dialog with musicians, venue owners, booking agents, and music fans.

In the meantime, I’d like to tell you about the upcoming 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  The show goes down Sunday, November 20th, and it promises to be bigger, better, and Ghostier than last year.  Featured performers include DefDisco artist 88 Killa, GOBL favorite The High Moons, and The Ghosty All Star Band (more on that soon).  There will also be brief performances by Cameron Matthew Ray, Vanessa Peters, Rebecca Jozwiak, and Maria Demus.  And of course, the winning acts shall be revealed that night.  Cover is $5, and all profits will benefit Foundation45, an organization designed to support those struggling with mental illness, suicidal thoughts,  addiction, depression, and anxiety.

The following playlist spotlights sixteen acts nominated for this year.  Don’t forget that you can continue to vote all the way up until Saturday, November 19th at 11:59 PM.  In the meantime, enjoy this playlist.

  1. 88 Killa, “Boomerang”
    In addition to performing at the awards ceremony, he’s also a nominee for Best Hip-Hop/Rap Arrtist.
  2. Public Love Affair, “Analysis Paralysis”
    Check out the guitar work in this song, and you should be able to hear how Caleb Ditzinger earned his Best Gutarist nomination.
  3. Vanessa Peters, “206 Bones”
    I don’t know which song from The Burden of Unshakeable Proof that Vanessa will perform at the ceremony, but she has several opportunities to win an award.  While she’s not up for Best Album, she is nominated for Best Solo Artist, Best Female Vocalist, Best Songwriter, and Best Folk/Acoustic.
  4. Hightower, “Echo Spring”
    One of Vanessa’s competitors in the Best Female Vocalist category is Lindsay Hightower.  Her band is also nominated for Best Pop Act and Best Album for Echo Spring.  You can catch the band this Friday at the Taverna Rossa in Southlake to see why The Ghost makes such a big deal about this band.
  5. Bonnie Whitmore, “Wash It Away”
    Ms. Whitmore finally released F**k with Sad Girls on Friday, well past the nomination deadline.  Fortunately, when she shared her both the Life and After Life versions of the Coyote EP (and shared the title track on the blog). she earned herself a nomination for Best Texas Artist.
  6. Cantina, “Hypnotic”
    Isn’t the bass work of Jason Garner in this track simply hypnotic?  His work on the entire Cantina album earned Mr. Garner a Best Bassist nomination.  In addition, lead singer John Dufilho earned nominations for both Best Songwriter and Musical MVP.
  7. Joe Savage, “Your Drinkin'”
    Previous quote from The Ghost: “Take a listen to The Joe Savage Band, and ask yourself this: don’t you think Mr. Savage should sing R&B instead of country?  No.  Of course you don’t.  Savage’s voice is custom tailored for country.  Savage simply IS country.  His first single is even called “Your Drinkin’”. I suppose you could come up with a more country song title, but it’d be hard.”  It should be no surprise then that he’s nominated for Best Country Artist.
  8. Cut Throat Finches, “Reset”
    I haven’t shared this song on any previous playlists because it’s taken me awhile to realize how awesome this track is.  That can happen when you release an album at the level of Reality.  It should be no surprise that CTF is nominated for Best Album.  I’m not going to list all their nominations, but I will say that they managed more nominations than any other act.
  9. True Widow, “Theurgist”
    Surprisingly, True Widow only managed one nomination.  Technically, the nomination goes not to the band, but to bassist Nicole Estill.  What can I say, competition was tough this year.
  10. One Red Martian, “Driving Song”
    1RM now calls New York home, so they only received a nomination for Best Questionably Local Act.  The band returns home to perform at Opening Bell Coffee this Friday, along with Denton’s Criminal Birds and Arielle Paige’s project Girl Blue.
  11. The Crystal Furs, “Tunnel Vision”
    This year’s Pop category is arguably the most diverse of the genre categories.  Earlier, you heard Hightower’s bluesy rock twist on pop, and now you’re hearing The Crystal Furs’ take on 90’s style alterna-power-pop.  Also, props to Kevin Buchanan, who earned a Best Keyboardist nod for his work in both Crystal Furs and Missing Sibling.
  12. Cameron Matthew Ray, “Lullaby”
    Here’s another act performing at The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  He’s up for both Best Male Vocalist and Best Folk/Acoustic Act.
  13. Sudie, “Prism”
    Sudie just released her Prism EP on Friday, so obviously neither the EP itself nor the title track received any nominations.  Her song “Schitzo” was, however, nominated for Best Song, plus Sudie earned a nomination for Best Female Vocalist.
  14. The Nightowls, “Don’t Wanna Leave You Lonely”
    I saw this band in September, and they know how to put on a show.  They rightfully earned a nomination for Best Texas Act.
  15. Monoculture, “Absurd”
    The band, nominated for Best New Act, will play Friday at Andy’s Bar.  The band’s lead singer, Olan Minaja, also nabbed a Best Guitarist nomination as well.
  16. Rebecca Jozwiak, “With You Around”
    Ms. Jozwiak will also perform at The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  Word is she’ll even bust out a local music cover.  She’s had a busy year or so, releasing not only a solo album, but a Signals & Alibis EP and contributing ti Redwine & Roses.  It’s dedication and talent like that which will earned you a Musical MVP nomination.  She’s also up for Best Singer/Songwriter, and this song perfectly exemplifies her talent in the songwriting arena.
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