Sunday Spotify 16: 10/9/16


  1. Matt Tedder, “Down the Road”
    Last night, Matt Tedder proved that he knows how to put on a show.  Of course, I can’t give all the credit to Tedder.  His entire band was spot on, with drummer Matt Mabe and harmonica player Paul Harrington standing out in particular.  But if you missed it, don’t feel bad, it’s okay because, uh… well… OK, let’s be honest.  If you missed this show, you really screwed the pooch on this one.
  2. Party Static, “Tricky”
  3. Fat by the Gallon, “Sick Inside”
    Last week, I brought up the difference between post-punk and punk, and I think this pair of tracks perfectly exemplifies the differences between the two genres.  I also feel compelled to state that with the exception of Loafers (and debatably Teenage Sexx), the rest of the DOMA nominees are post-punk and not punk.  But hey, that’s just The Ghost’s opinion.
  4. Natural Anthem, “Paranoid”
    I confess: I slept on Natural Anthem for way too long.  Consider me sharing this song for the second week straight as my way of doing penance.
  5. Migrant Kids, “Let It Go”
    Is it just me, or is the catchiest track the Austin band has done to date?  This song makes you want to dance.  Or in The Ghost’s case, it makes me wish I didn’t have two left feet on the dance floor.
  6. Rei Clone, “Saria/Michael Briggs Loves Whataburger”
    First off, let me say that Rei Clone doesn’t need gimmicks in order to be worthy of attention.  Its dramatic shoegaze sound and well constructed songs are enough to grab the attention of any local lover.  Still, the shout out to one of the most beloved individuals in the Denton music scene doesn’t hurt matters.  And it goes without saying that in Texas, the mere mention of Whataburger perks the ears up.
  7. Summer Dean, “A Heartache I Can Use”
    Anyone experiencing heartache can certainly use a song like this.  Ms. Dean’s haunting and powerful voice makes this song work in a real way.
  8. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, “Pontchartrain Eyes”
    This is easily my favorite JITGT song, and I’ve yet to see them perform it live.  We’ll see if my unlucky streak ends Saturday when the band plays Curtain Club.  Also on the bill are The Orange, Tablet, Trent Rush, and Dead Beat Poetry.  This promises to be a killer show, and The Ghost will be there in the front row, shouting for “Pontchartrain Eyes”.
  9. Girl Blue, “Fire Under Water”
    I’ve been a fan of Arielle Paige since my first show of hers at Lakewood Bar & Grill.  She got national exposure by being the Opening Act for Rod Stewart, but remained relatively musically quiet afterwards.  Arielle has since moved to New York City and is lead vocalist for Girl Blue.  Spotify has taken note, and has featured “Fire Under Water” on one of their new music playlists.  It’s a well deserved break for this talented young vocalist and the rest of this band.
  10. Sudie, “Only the Night”
    It’s new Sudie.  No additional explanation should be needed.
  11. Mercury Rocket, “Ghost IV”
    Some might say that I’m only including this song because it features the word “ghost” in the title.  That’s not true.  I felt this would be a good opportunity to mention that Mercury Rocket will be performing this Friday at Crown and Harp, along with Signals and Alibis, Paper Saints, and DJ Renzo.  Oh, and look… it has the word “ghost” in the title… how cool.
  12. Cameron Matthew Ray, “But You”
    I forgot to mention with Sudie that she’s nominated for Ghosty Awards for Best Song with “Schitzo”, as well as Best Female Vocalist.  I was reminded of this fact when seeing Mr. Ray’s name.  He also managed to earn a pair of nominations: one for Best Male Vocalist, and the other for Best Folk/Acoustic.
  13. The O’s, “Brand New Start”
    The band’s latest release, Honeycomb, is now on vinyl.  The band will celebrate its vinyl release at Double-Wide this Saturday, with the band Sister opening the show.  Oh, and they’re also up for a Ghosty nomination for Best Alt-Country Act.
  14. Fea, “Feminazi”
    The band earned a Ghosty nomination for Best Texas Album for their self-titled release.  Fea will also begin a tour on October 20th, which will go through December 9th.  While never playing Dallas proper, the band will drop by Fort Worth and play at The Live Oak December 7th.  There are some empty dates on their tour calendar; perhaps they could be convinced to do a Dallas show.  One can hope…
  15. Ishi, “Guided Heart”
    Here’s an Ishi song with a good beat that makes one wanna get out on the dance floor.  What a shocker.
  16. Caterpillars, “Open Your Eyes”
    Caterpillars recently released The Wicked and Wonderful, and I’d argue they saved the best for last on the album.  This also seemed like a good way to end this playlist.
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