Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 10/3/16

Mean Motor Scooter
Photo of Mean Motor Scooter by Plastik Object Photography

You remember back when I used to gather ten songs together on a Tuesday and call the article Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday?  What do you say we pretend like it’s the good old days and do it again?  Yeah, I think that’d be pretty swell too.  Considering how long it’s been since such a post, The Ghost is at no shortage of awesome tunes to share.

Let’s start with local blues artist Reverend KM Williams.  On his artist’s Bandcamp page, Williams is referred to as “a true blues genius and a fast rising star in the old school Texas blues tradition of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Blind Lemon Jefferson.” Blind Lemon references aside, the music of Williams stands at the crossroads of the old-school purism of Jefferson with the electrified blues of artists like B.B. King and Buddy Guy. His new album is The Real Deal Blues, and one listen will prove that sometimes there really is truth in advertising.  Listen to the devilishly good “Highway 666” track below.

I’ve found myself having a hard time totally defining the music of Kinsley August.  Some of his tracks are super radio friendly pop-rock somewhat similar to The Neighborhood.  Other times I hear large quantities of Brit-pop a la Blur and Suede.  On his newest track, “My Heart”, there’s almost a 70’s pop quality to it.  You may have noticed, however, that the word “pop” always seems to be around the corner when speaking of Kinsley August.  His music always manages to hook the listener, reel them in, and put a smile on the listener’s ear.  That’s the power of pop music, as well as the power of Kinsley’s music.

Unlike the previous artist, Mean Motor Scooter (shown above) clearly favors rock chops to pop smoothness.  The band’s latest demo, “Come and Get It” is straight ahead garage rock in all its unpolished glory.  While I wouldn’t mind a better mix of the track, I hope the final product loses none of this version’s raw energy.

I’d never really heard of Burly Records until stumbling upon the label’s third compilation on Bandcamp.  One of the contributing artists on the album is Daylight Industries.  Most of the band’s work fits the straight ahead heavy rock mold found at Curtain Club.  “Another December”, however, displays a more stripped down side of the band.  I’d love to hear more from the band in this vein.

Ali Holder quietly released a pair of new songs on her Bandcamp page.  I suspect they’re demos, but frankly, I don’t care.  There’s something about her voice and guitar that pierces me through the heart.  Of the two tracks, I have a slight partiality to “Death Reborn”.  But both tracks just further my love of this artist.

“Shot at the Title” by That Dog Don’t Hunt has no shot at this year’s Ghosty Awards, since it was released after the deadline.  Had it been released earlier, the band’s bass player Laura Busby might have had a shot at the Best Bassist category.  Just listen to the first few seconds of the track and try to tell me that isn’t a super sweet bass line.  I dare you.  Oh, and the rest of the song packs a helluva punch as well.

I’m not sure what Slim Gravy is cooking up right now, but I’ve noticed a number of new cuts on his Soundcloud page.  It’s hard to select just one track as a favorite.  I was sorely tempted to select “Thug Life”, in large part because of its use of the sample of Portishead’s “Over”.  In the end, I opted instead to share “Stuck”.  The track is a surprisingly fresh blend of electronica and hip-hop, plus its earn major bonus points for featuring vocals by Cassie Holt and being produced by Medasin.  That’s freakin’ teamwork.

“My Name Is Time” by San Antonio band Wolverton sounds like equal parts renaissance fair music and 1960’s folk.  Not sure what else to say, except that I love this song and am quite curious to hear more new tracks from the band.

Meach Pango are a new Fort Worth band with some distinctive new wave leanings, most notably present on “For Me & You”.  The production quality is honestly lacking, but it’d be interesting to see what a good producer and mixer could do with these songs.  I’d also love to hear what the band could do live.  I have a feeling they could put on a fun show.

Finally, what better way to end this segment with a song featuring John Dufilho?  It seems like around every corner, he’s lurking with another release.  Corner Suns is the latest act from Dufilho to release new music.  “Through the Winter” provides a modern take on 1960’s baroque pop.  Now if only Dufilho would finally release a new Deathray Davies album…

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