Press Release: The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards

Pabst Blue Ribbon Guitar modeled by: Ben McCracken

The following is The Ghost’s press release for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  In an unusually rare move, The Ghost is mentioning his personal identity on the site.  The Ghost is, however, omitting the more personal details from the press release like the phone number.  It is, however, given in the actual press release that is being mailed out.  Read, enjoy, and feel free to Talk to The Ghost for further inquiries.

Dallas, TX – Join Chris Mueller, author of the Ghost of Blind Lemon blog, as he hosts The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards at Three Links on Sunday, November 20th.  Chris Mueller, writer and creator of the Ghost of Blind Lemon blog.  In addition to announcing this year’s winners, there will be live entertainment by nominated artists (including 88 Killa and The High Moons), plus all the profits for the event benefit Foundation45.

The idea of The Ghosty Awards evolved from Mueller’s experience as part of the nominating committee for the Dallas Observer Music Awards.  Mueller wanted a forum to display many of the great local acts that were overlooked by Dallas Observer.  Last year’s nominees were posted on the GOBL blog, which later evolved into its own award ceremony.  Last year’s Ghosty Awards received a strong response from the music community, which convinced Mueller that it should be a yearly event.  The voting process for the 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards is under way, with the voting period ending November 19th.

Not only will the winners be announced on November 20th, but there will also be several live performances at this year’s Ghosty Awards.  The two featured performers at the ceremony will be DEFDISCO recording artist 88 Killa, and Dallas based folk-rock act The High Moons.  Brief acoustic performances will also be provided by Vanessa Peters, Cameron Matthew Ray, Rebecca Jozwiak, and Maria Demus.  The evening will conclude with The Ghosty All Star Band, comprised of the following Ghosty nominated performers: Lindsay Hightower (Hightower), Nigel Newton (Skinny Cooks), Caleb Ditzenberger (Public Love Affair), Mikey “Frenchtoast” Branton (monkeysphere), Brandon Keebler (Dead Beat Poetry).

This year’s ceremony marks the first year that the awards ceremony will also be a fundraiser.  All profits from the event will go to Foundation45, an organization designed to support those struggling with mental illness, suicidal thoughts, addiction, depression, and anxiety.  Funds will be raised through both ticket sales ($5, available at the door) as well as a raffle.  Items being raffled include a Pabst Blue Ribbon guitar (donated by Keri Williams), table-side dinner service for 6 at Pecan Lodge, and a “Deep Ellum Staycation” package.  The “Staycation package” includes two haircuts from High & Tight Barbershop, entry for two at A Room With a Clue, a $50 gift certificate to The Free Man, and pairs of tickets to see House Harkonnen and The Toasters at Three Links.

For more information, contact Chris Mueller at:

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