Sunday Spotify 16: 11/27/16

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So, last week I was kinda busy with all that Ghosty Award stuff, so there was no Sunday Spotify 16 playlist.  Many of the weeks beforehand, the playlists revolved around nominated acts.  That means this week’s Sunday Spotify 16 is the first regular playlist in a long, long time.  So let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Charley Crockett, “In the Night”
    OK, so there’s one last Ghosty Award reference to be made here.  Mr. Crockett was one of the big winners, taking away such awards as Best Solo Artist, Best Live Act, and Best Song for this track.  Here’s hoping that Charley will be able to pick up his award soon.  It’s not doing The Ghost any good to let it sit around and collect dust, you know.
  2. Bravo, Max!, “Clean Slate”
    So it’s only taken about five years for Johnny Beauford and the gang to release a proper follow up to Dog’s Light.  Bravo, Max! is a band that is always in evolution, and Bullfighter Blues is a very different creature from its predecessor.  This is a smoother, less jagged album (for lack of a better phrasing).  And whichever aspect of Beauford’s style you prefer, there’s no denying that Bravo, Max! is always a compelling listen.
  3. Tru Def, “All Year”
    Is it the piano sample that the track is built around that sucked me in?  Or is it Tru Def’s sharp lyrics that have we hooked?  Either way, this is one of the best musical surprises towards the end of ’16.
  4. Mur, “Long Way from the Weekend”
    Catch Mur Friday at Double-Wide, along with Native Fox and one of my absolute favorite Austin acts, The Cover Letter.
  5. Exit Glaciers, “Rose Garden”
    Question: how did The Ghost miss when Exit Glaciers finally posted their EP Debris on Spotify?  While there is no clear cut answer to that question, I hope sharing this track helps make up for the oversight.
  6. Empire Machines, “Scenes”
    Here’s a little cool something from Austin based Empire Machines.
  7. Hello Shannon, “Pressure”
    The Ghosty Awards have had yours truly a bit slow to respond to emails.  If you’re someone I haven’t responded to, have patience.  I will read your email and eventually respond to it.  And, if you’ve got cool tracks to share like this one from Hello Shannon, I’ll gladly pass it along.  Like I’m doing right now.
  8. Dust to Dust, “Alone”
    Needing a cheery, pick me up tune?  Maybe this track isn’t the right one for you.  Fans of melancholy folk, on the other hand, will likely eat this one up.
  9. Reverend KM Williams, “Baby, Please Come Home”
    Who said you could only have one blues track per Sunday Spotify 16?  Not this Ghost.
  10. Molly Burch, “Downhearted”
    I discovered this singer-songwriter on the KUTX site.  Her song “I Adore You” was featured as their Song of the Day.  And the song “Downhearted” has apparently been streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify.  It seems The Ghost is a little late to the game on Ms. Burch, but at least The Ghost has arrived.
  11. Sam Lao, “Pineapple”
    “Pineapple” has easily become one of the most popular local tracks of the year, but until recently, the song was unavailable on Spotify.  Fortunately, the Real Hip Hop compilation has remedied that situation.
  12. Joshua Dylan Balis, “Modern Gospel”
    Is musical talent a factor of heredity, environment, or both?  Alas, expect no answers to come from Joshua Dylan Balis, born and raised by Sorta/Sparrows member (and Twilite Lounge owner) Danny Balis.  The apple is right next to the tree.
  13. Ducado and Zenya, “Octapush”
    I wanted to help continue to push this new song by Ducado and Zenya.  I’ll give it a big old Octapush.  Get it?  Octapush?  And that’s why I write a blog and not perform stand-up comedy.
  14. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Hang”
    I am convinced that there is a neo-hippie movement going on underneath our noses.  Acts like DPC and Reinventing Jude take a hippie, bohemian vibe, and then turn it upside down on its head.  It’s hippie-esque, yet soulful and funky.  And if the word hippie scares you off, don’t let it.  One does not need to appreciate the 60’s to enjoy neo-hippie music like Droo’s Peace Crush.
  15. Pueblo, “Drive Safe”
    The Azalea Project may be no more, but Jonah and Julian Smith have gone on to form Pueblo.  It’s certainly mellower and more melodic than their work with Azalea Project.  I’ll be curious to see where this project takes these two young lads.
  16. Vanessa Peters, “Please Come Home for Christmas”
    Now that Thanksgiving is over, are we allowed to bring out the Christmas music?  Don’t worry, I’m easing you into the Christmas music.  While Christmas is in the title to this track, Peters’ melancholy voice (along with the lyrics) doesn’t exactly bring the Christmas cheer in your heart.  That’s okay, because we like Vanessa best when she’s singing about heartbreak.  Or at least I’m guessing that’s what you readers like about here, since you voted her Best Folk/Acoustic Act and Best Female Vocalist.
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