Sunday Spotify 16: 11/6/16


The Ghost has not felt well the past few days.  As a result, I will not be adding commentary on this week’s playlist.  In fact, this playlist is sort of a “comfort music” style playlist, featuring newer and older songs that just feel comfortable and good to my ears.  Not to worry, however, as The Ghost is on the road to recovery.  I will still be at Sons of Hermann Hall tonight as part of a panel discussing local music.  The discussion begins at 6 pm, and I’d encourage everyone reading this to attend.  There’s no cover, and there will even be food catered by Stirr.

But I digress.  On with the playlist…

  1. Pleasant Grove, “Nothing This Beautiful”
  2. Kinsley August, “Smokey Lovers”
  3. Hightower, “Wondering Eye”
  4. Sorta, “To Jenny”
  5. Blue, the Misfit, “No Care in the World”
  6. True Widow, “What Finds Me”
  7. Vanessa Peters, “206 Bones”
  8. Cut Throat Finches, “Reset”
  9. Old 97’s, “St. Ignatius”
  10. Reverend KM Williams, “That’s Why My Baby’s Feelin’ Blue”
  11. Midlake, “Roscoe”
  12. Somogyi, “Wait for You”
  13. Mur, “My Only Friend”
  14. Sara Donaldson, “From Under the Blankets”
  15. The Hundred Inevitables, “Get Up”
  16. Flickerstick, “The Ones”
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