The Complete Top 101 of 2016 List

Photo of: That Dog Don't Hunt (#19 on the countdown)

So, you want to hear The Ghost’s Top 101 Songs of 2016 in its entirety, from #101 all the way to #1?  Not to fear, your wishes are coming true here.  The following is not only the list of songs, but The Ghost’s Spotify playlist of the entire countdown.  Merry listenings!

  1. John Earle Mainord, “The Dam Gon’ Break”
  2. Sarah Sellers, “Gone Through Hell”
  3. Northern National, “Addiction”
  4. Svenny Baby!, “Crystalline”
  5. A Giant Dog, “Sex & Drugs”
  6. Picnic, Lightning, “American Ruin”
  7. Sad Cops, “Liam Murphy Holt”
  8. Mary Walker, “Cure”
  9. Ellen Once Again, “Feel Again”
  10. BRYCE, “High Tops”
  11. Cole Risner, “No Good in This Goodbye”
  12. The Lash Outs, “State of Excess”
  13. The Suffers, “Peanuts”
  14. Rei Clone, “Ready to Die”
  15. Girl Blue, “Fire Under Water”
  16. Hella Zealous, “Cool Enough”
  17. The Nightowls, “Right Around the Corner”
  18. Exit Glaciers (feat. Scott Danbom), “Silence Has Left”
  19. Joe Savage, “Your Drinkin'”
  20. Wall of Orange, “Sweetest Blue”
  21. The Deathray Davies, “Valentine”
  22. One Red Martian, “Driving Song”
  23. Skinny Cooks, “Glitzkrieg”
  24. Bonnie Whitmore, “F**k With Sad Girls”
  25. Bronco Simmons, “Younger Days”
  26. Midnight County, “By My Side”
  27. The Gibbonses, “Tough as Nails”
  28. Ishi, “Classic Lips”
  29. Fea, “You Can’t Change Me”
  30. Mean Motor Scooter, “Such a Seducer”
  31. The Roomsounds, “Elm St.”
  32. Cheridan, “Hawaii by Night”
  33. Mobley, “Solo”
  34. Mercury Rocket, “Loving Kind”
  35. Nicholas Altobelli, “Exit Polls”
  36. Signals & Alibis, “Whistleblower”
  37. Summer Dean, “A Heartache I Can Use”
  38. Huffer, “High Hopes, Tied Ropes”
  39. Saso, “Stephanie”
  40. Pleasant Grove, “The Pessimist Clique”
  41. Sam Lao, “Pineapple”
  42. Moon Waves, “Warfare”
  43. Herrick & Hooley, “Cannonball”
  44. Missing Sibling, “Always”
  45. Cameron Matthew Ray, “Lost With You”
  46. Party Static, “Wasted Waster”
  47. Parallel Play, “Bucket of Lies”
  48. Matt Tedder, “Good as Gone”
  49. Cantina, “Lucifer”
  50. I Happy Am, “Fragile”
  51. Ask for Joy, “Pinprick Eyes”
  52. Giant Kitty, “Fascinator”
  53. Migrant Kids, “Let It Go”
  54. Tru Def, “All Year”
  55. Jane Ellen Bryant, “Twenties”
  56. The Phantom Sensation, “Red Gallows”
  57. NeonNoah, “Atlas”
  58. Bravo, Max!, “Clean Slate”
  59. Pale Dian, “Evan Evan”
  60. Matthew Gray, “This Is What I’ve Learned About Losing.”
  61. Bloody Knives, “Cystic”
  62. Ronnie Heart, “Fortune Teller”
  63. Cherubs, “Fists in the Air”
  64. VVOES, “Days Are Numbered”
  65. Ducado Vega and Zenya, “Octapush”
  66. Madi Davis, “The Moon”
  67. The Crystal Furs, “Tunnel Vision”
  68. Public Love Affair, “Crooked”
  69. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Siren Song”
  70. Shawnee Kilgore, “Love Song”
  71. Daniel Markham, “Slayer Tapes & AM Radio”
  72. Somogyi, “Wait for You”
  73. Mur, “Long Way from the Weekend”
  74. Mind Spiders, “Prosthesis”
  75. Cut Throat Finches, “Moon Beast”
  76. The Feels (feat. Slooom), “Dominator”
  77. Clifffs, “I’m Your Ghost”
  78. Monoculture, “Guadalupe & 4th”
  79. Reagan James, “Breaking the Bank”
  80. Sudie, “Schitzo”
  81. Calliope Musicals, “Echo of the Woos”
  82. (monkeysphere), “Come Back to the Show”
  83. That Dog Don’t Hunt, “Soho Hurry”
  84. Reverend KM Williams, “The Runaway Blues”
  85. Jonas Martin, “Dumbstruck AF”
  86. 88 Killa, “Boomerang”
  87. Alexandria Rhea, “The Dodger”
  88. Sarah Jarosz, “House of Mercy”
  89. Kinsley August, “Smokey Lovers”
  90. Pageantry, “Vicious Wishes”
  91. Relick, “I Wouldn’t Lie to You”
  92. The Quaker City Night Hawks, “Mockingbird”
  93. True Widow, “Theurgist”
  94. Blue Healer, “Only the Rain”
  95. Vanessa Peters, “206 Bones”
  96. Siberian Traps, “Stray Dogs”
  97. Reddening West, “All You Need”
  98. Hightower, “Wondering Eye”
  99. Jacob Furr, “Estacado (Live)”
  100. Charley Crockett, “In the Night”
  101. Cut Throat Finches, “Reset”


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