The Ghost 101 Countdown of 2016: #40-31

Photo by: Ashley D'Anna

I hope that everyone out there has had a fabulous Christmas weekend full of joy and love.  The Ghost also hopes that everyone is rested, refreshed, and recharged, because this week the countdown gets serious.  We’re about to enter the Top 40 portion of the countdown.  For the next three days (including today), The Ghost will continue revealing ten songs at a time.  Thursday, #10-6 shall be revealed, followed by #5-2 on Friday.  Then on Saturday (NYE), The Ghost will share his #1 song of the year.

But first, let’s enter the Top 40, shall we?

  1. Ronnie Heart, “Fortune Teller”
    The album’s big “hit” may have been “Smoovie”, but “Fortune Teller” is the jam from Heart that’ll get a Ghost on a dance floor.
  2. Cherubs, “Fists in the Air”
    Almost a quarter century after this Austin band formed, Cherubs still show that they can produce a noisy yet undeniably catchy tune.
  3. VVOES, “Days Are Numbered”
    Fort Worth band VVOES (pronounced like “woes”) have definitely been one of the breakout bands of 2016, thanks to fun indie surf0rock tunes like “Days Are Numbered”.
  4. Ducado Vega and Zenya, “Octapush”
    Ducado knew what he was doing when he recorded “Octapush”, a track that combines new and fresh electronic elements with the trademark funk stylings people have come to expect.
  5. Madi Davis, “The Moon”
    This song may come as a surprise to those who became acquainted with Madi’s quirky folk-pop presence on The Voice, but “The Moon” proves that Ms. Davis is an artist whose continual musical transition is well worth following.
  6. The Crystal Furs, “Tunnel Vision”
    No local band drilled deeper into the power pop mine this year than The Crystal Furs, with “Tunnel Vision” so far being the best gem from their self-titled debut (which comes out tomorrow).
  7. Public Love Affair, “Crooked”
    This track is a blistering, powerful, heavy rock track in the vein of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from a band that unfortunately broke up right as they discovered the sound that was most fitting for PLA.
  8. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Siren Song”
    Even though The Ghost didn’t discover this song until Autumn, this song has such a fun, groovy, and soulful feel to it that it feels like it should have been the Local Summertime Jam of 2016.
  9. Shawnee Kilgore, “Love Song”
    While much of the attention on Kilgore’s album Back to Eden came courtesy of Joss Whedon, who co-authored the songs on it, the true star is Kilgore’s wispy yet dreamy vocals, most prominently displayed on the album’s closer, “Love Song”.
  10. Daniel Markham, “Slayer Tapes & AM Radio”
    Easily my favorite song title of the year, this track displays all the reasons why Mr. Markham is one of the most beloved and respected figures in the DFW music community.
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