The Ghost 101 Countdown of 2016: #50-41

the cave nc 2016
Photo of Bloody Knives by: Nate Wagner

For #101-51, click here.

For #50-41, look below.

  1. Giant Kitty, “Fascinator”
  2. Migrant Kids, “Let It Go”
  3. Tru Def, “All Year”
  4. Jane Ellen Bryant, “Twenties”
  5. The Phantom Sensation, “Red Gallows”
  6. NeonNoah, “Atlas”
  7. Bravo, Max!, “Clean Slate”
  8. Pale Dian, “Evan Evan”
  9. Matthew Gray, “This Is What I’ve Learned About Losing.”
  10. Bloody Knives, “Cystic”

The Ghost will be taking a break from the countdown during the Christmas weekend.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and please check back Monday as we finally enter the Top 40.

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