Matt Moseman (Edgewater), R.I.P.


Yes, 2016 has been a painful year in regards to celebrity passing.  The new year began with the passing of Natalie Cole, followed by the death of David Bowie weeks later.  Just this week, the news of the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher have added further to the sadness.  In between the aforementioned losses, there have been too many celebrity passing to mention in full, with Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Leonard Cohen among those that linger most in my mind.  Today, however, there is a loss that hits close to home for many Dallas music lovers.

Matt Moseman, lead singer of the hard rock band Edgewater, has passed away.  Edgewater was a staple of the local music scene in the late 1990’s through mid 2000’s.  Their greatest success came with 2004 release on Wind-Up Records, South of Sideways.  The album spawned the single “Eyes Wide Shut”, which not only received radio play across the nation, but was also featured in the soundtrack to the film The Punisher.

I saw Edgewater perform a number of times in the late 1990’s, as the band regularly opened for Grand Street Cryers (featuring Calhoun’s Tim Locke).  Although their style was heavier than what I typically prefer, the band always put on a solid show.  And for some reason, the intro to their track “Down Communication” still can get stuck in my head to this day.

I leave you with that track. as well as my condolences to the fans, friends, and family of Mossman.

With love to all,

“The Ghost”

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