Day 97


Fact: April 7th is the 97th day of this year.  Also a fact: the 2nd Annual Old 97’s County Fair happens tomorrow at the Main Street Garden in Downtown Dallas.  This calls for The Ghost to post a special Old 97’s themed playlist, don’t you think?

This playlist obviously features plenty of tracks by the 97’s, but also solo efforts by Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond.  Heck, there’s even a Ranchero Brothers song on here.   The songs are loosely arranged in chronological order, thought that ordering wavers between the actual date of the release vs. when I discovered these songs.  There’s plenty of familiar tracks on here, but I also took the effort to dig up some less obvious selections as well.  After all, you have to dig a little deeper if you want to have a 97 song long playlist.  And if you’re doing an Old 97’s themed playlist, then of course there should be 97 songs.

All songs are performed by Old 97’s unless otherwise noted.

  1. St. Ignatius
  2. All Right by Me – Rhett Miller & Murry Hammond
  3. Making Love with You
  4. Desperate Times – Rhett Miller & Murry Hammond
  5. 504
  6. Drowning in the Days
  7. Wish the Worst
  8. Old 97’s Theme
  9. Mama Tried
  10. Stoned
  11. If My Heart Was a Car
  12. Victoria
  13. The Other Shoe
  14. Doreen
  15. Big Brown Eyes
  16. W-I-F-E
  17. Over the Cliff
  18. Eyes for You
  19. Timebomb
  20. Barrier Reef
  21. Salome
  22. W. Texas Teardrops
  23. Melt Show
  24. Streets of Where I’m From
  25. Just Like California
  26. Niteclub
  27. Four Leaf Clover
  28. Jagged
  29. Lonely Holiday
  30. Oppenheimmer
  31. Indefinitely
  32. Crash on the Barrelhead
  33. Murder (Or a Heart Attack)
  34. 19
  35. Valentine
  36. El Paso
  37. Ray Charles
  38. Por Favor
  39. Northern Line
  40. King of All the World
  41. Rollerskate Skinny
  42. Buick City Complex
  43. Question
  44. Am I Too Late?
  45. Designs on You
  46. Book of Poems
  47. Holy Cross
  48. Sweet Thing Pine Bluff – Ranchero Brothers
  49. Our Love – Rhett Miller
  50. Come Around – Rhett Miller
  51. Point Shirley – Rhett Miller
  52. Won’t Be Home
  53. Smokers
  54. Coahuila
  55. The New Kid
  56. Friends Forever
  57. I’d Be Lonesome
  58. Meteor Shower – Rhett Miller
  59. Singular Girl – Rhett Miller
  60. Fireflies – Rhett Miller & Rachael Yamagata
  61. Dance with Me
  62. Color of a Lonely Heart Is Blue
  63. Lost at Sea – Murry Hammond
  64. I Will Never Marry – Murry Hammond
  65. I Need to Know Where I Stand – Rhett Miller
  66. Happy Birthday Don’t Die – Rhett Miller
  67. Driver 8
  68. Sunny – Rhett Miller
  69. The Grand Theater
  70. Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)
  71. The Dance Class
  72. Let the Whiskey Take the Reins
  73. Champaign, Illinois
  74. A State of Texas
  75. Wave of Mutilation/I Wanna Be Sedated – Rhett Miller
  76. Brown Eyed Daughter
  77. Perfume
  78. Broadway (Demo)
  79. My Own Worst Critic- Rhett Miller with John Singer Sergeant
  80. Lost Without You – Rhett Miller
  81. As Close as I Came to Being Right – Rhett Miller featuring Rosanne Cash
  82. Iron Road – Old 97’s & Waylon Jennings
  83. Longer Than You’ve Been Alive
  84. Let’s Get Drunk and Get It On
  85. Give It Time
  86. Nashville
  87. Wasted
  88. Most Messed Up
  89. Most in the Summertime – Rhett Miller and Black Prairie
  90. Ziggy Stardust – Rhett Miller
  91. In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain – Murry Hammond
  92. Good with God – Old 97’s with Brandi Carlile
  93. All Who Wander
  94. I Don’t Want to Die in This Town
  95. Jesus Loves You
  96. Nobody
  97. Those Were the Days
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