Sunday Spotify 16: 4/16/17

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  1. Omar and the Howlers, “Hard Times in the Land of Plenty”
    Sad news in the Austin music world came this week when Barry “Frosty” Smith passed away. To say that his musical resume was impressive would be an understatement. He played with Soulhat, Alejandro Escovedo, Roky Erickson, and Omar & The Howlers, to name a few. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.
  2. Vandoliers, “Rolling Out”
    Time for some happier news, agreed? Announce of an upcoming Vandoliers album definitely counts as happy news. The first single from The Native shows the band’s commitment to cranking out high-energy country party jams has not wavered one iota.
  3. Leather Girls, “She”
    The Ghost was really proud of himself for discovering Austin garage rockers Leather Girls. I felt a real sense of bragging rights coming on for The Ghost when you, my readers, ate up the delicious rock n’ roll licks of songs like “She”. Yes, I thought I’d be the first Dallasite to have discovered this Austin find. Then, last night, I discovered that King Camel has already booked Leather Girls at Armoury D.E. on June 17th. Dammit, Jeffrey!!!
  4. Farah, “The Only Ones”
    I remember a time when Farah was making quite a bit of buzz on blogs like We Shot Jr. and even Gorilla vs. Bear. The singer has returned with a brand new single on the label Italians Do It Better. Farah’s vocals border on feeling icy, or at the least emotionally disconnected, yet that’s part of what makes this song so uniquely captivating.
  5. Atlantis Aquarius, “Full Moon”
    I have a feeling that tracks from the Atlantis Aquarius EP are going to be staples on the Sunday Spotify 16 for awhile. If anyone has a problem with that, then too bad.
  6. Joe Gorgeous, “The Matter”
    I’m late on the game regarding Joe Gorgeous. My bad.
  7. Mantra Love, “Strawberry Milk”
    I’ve found it harder to keep in the loop of the Houston Music scene more than any other major music scene in the state. Here’s a really cool, lo-fi psychedelic pop nugget I discovered out of the city. The almost out of tune intro that recurs throughout the song is so spot on.
  8. Siamese, “Hounds at Sunset”
    There will be plenty of great record store day events happening Saturday, but there can only be one Good Records Record Store Day. The venue celebrates the 10th Record Store Day (along with their own 17th birthday) with a massive lineup featuring MC 900 Ft. Jesus, Charley Crockett, Cure for Paranoia, and The Texas Gentlemen, among others. You’ll be able to catch this band taking the stage at 7 pm.
  9. Jibe, “We’ve Only Just Begun”
    When Jibe reunited about two years ago, I often wondered whether the band would just be reliving their glory days or continuing their recording career. The answer to my question came this week, when Jibe released the video to their new single, “We’ve Only Just Begun”. It’s good to hear new music from the band. What’s really impressive, however, is that the song does not come off as a desperate but failed attempt at a band recapturing the best of times. In fact, “We’ve Only Just Begun” is more than a song title, but a declaration from the band that they can rock out as hard as ever.
  10. The Crystal Furs, “Weightless”
    The Crystal Furs’ timing on their album release was arguably not the best. Their self-titled release came out the day after Christmas, a time when new releases usually get overlooked. Add on top of that the absence of any GOBL posts the first two months of the year, and that only added to the album getting as much attention as it deserves. Well, here’s me bring a little attention to the album’s first single. I would also point your attention to the band’s Popluck Festival, happening June 17th at Shipping & Receiving. The event also features Grammar, The Hendersons, Lindby, Svenny Baby!, and Ronnie Heart DJ’ing the event. On top of that, Popluck will help raise food and funds for the Tarrant Area Food Bank.
  11. Rob Case, “The Stalker Song”
    Singer-songwriter Rob Case has created an oddly charming track with “The Stalker Song”. Yes, I do realize how creepy it sounds to refer to a song titled “The Stalker Song” as charming. And yet, it fits. Listen, and you may get what I’m saying.
  12. Corner Suns, “Sleep”
    I was beginning to wonder if Idol Records was boycotting Spotify, and that’s why none of their catalog was available for streaming. This week, Central track reported that the company that distributed Idol tracks to Spotify went out of business. Fortunately, the label’s songs are all back on Spotify again. I can now finally add some Corner Sons to my playlists.
  13. Cameron Matthew Ray, “Anymore”
    CMR’s new EP, Love and Space, is finally available online. If you want a physical copy, plus the opportunity to see him perform live, check him out this Saturday at Cinderblock Sessions.
  14. Feeves, “Casual”
    NeonNoah may be over, but former member Esteban Flores has already established a new project, Feeves. There’s a definite stylistic difference between the two acts, but the pop sensibility remains the same.
  15. Memri, “This Kiss”
    The other week, I gave a shout out to Jaimee Harris, through whom I’ve learned about many Austin acts. Someone closer to home who shares cool local acts with me is Mikey “Frenchtoast” Branton (Sex Regrets, ex-Monkeysphere). It’s because of him that I discovered Denton based Memri. I’m not sure how to describe the band’s sound, and as a rule, that’s usually a good sign in The Ghost’s book.
  16. Beth // James, “Bring Your Fire to Me”
    Equal parts longing and desperation, this song is intensely beautiful. It’s the kind of track that words can’t appropriately capture the emotion for, so I’m just gonna shut up and let you feel it.
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