Sunday Spotify 16: 4/23/17

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  1. Atlantis Aquarius, “Full Moon”
    Yes, I’m still on my Atlantis Aquarius kick.  When southern rock is this soulful and groovy, why wouldn’t The Ghost still be all over that?  Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to start off this playlist.
  2. Rania Khoury, “Wanna Be Your Wife”
    Ms. Khoury has returned with a new EP, Upside Down, and her voice is as soulful and strong as ever.  I’d also say that this track, the EP’s opener, is easily her catchiest track to date.
  3. Buttercup, “Acting Thru Music”
    It’s been awhile since the San Antonio group released The Weather Here.  Eight years, for those keeping count.  The Ghost must confess that I had a hard time getting into that album, even though the band puts on a killer live set.  I have to say I’m digging their latest, Battle of Flowers.  The eight years served them well.
  4. Terrence Spectacle, “Clarity”
    There’s something about Terrence Spectacle that leaves me a little confused on how to define who he is as a musician.  Many of his tracks have a definite hip-hop feel to it, with others leaning more towards R&B.  “Clarity” may have the smoothness found in R&B, but the guitar groove gives the track a definite rock edge.  Oh well, might as well just enjoy the confusion…
  5. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Mockingbird”
    So, unless if you’re totally out of the musical loop, you’ve probably heard of Fortress Festival, happening this upcoming weekend.  While national acts like Run the Jewels, Purity Ring, and Slowdive are getting more attention, there’s plenty of local goodness on this lineup.  Burning Hotels, Sam Lao, Ronnie Heart, and Sudie are among those representing the DFW.  Oh, and QNCH too.  Never count them out.
  6. Northern National, “MoneyBlind”
    Much of the band’s EP The New Age leaned heavier on the slicker produced side of pop-rock.  Only the track “Addiction” genuinely captured my attention.  Well, the band’s latest single “MoneyBlind” is certainly full of hooks and radio friendly, but it lacks the obvious slick production found throughout much of that EP.  As a result, it results in the band’s strongest single to date.
  7. Jessie Frye, “Lucky Star”
    I’d heard about Jessie’s cover of the Madonna song, though I originally thought it was only a video she did.  I was surprised to see it released on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  The bigger surprise, however, is how creative of a twist she put on this pop song.
  8. Wall of Orange, “Hellogoodbye”
    Just a reminder: this Saturday is the debut performance from Wall of Orange.  The Angelus and Sudie offer up support on this really strong local bill at The Kessler.
  9. Alyse Black, “My Body Is Burning”
    One of the great advantages of my “Sorta Texas” label is that it allows me to cover a multitude of artists that I wouldn’t have been able to do in my strictly DFW days.  Case in point is Alyse Black, who moved from Seattle down to Austin.  If you want to debate whether she qualifies as “Texas enough”, go ahead, knock yourselves out.  As for me, I’m goonna stand back over here and jam out to this killer jam.
  10. The Warden, “Costa Rica”
    Having no Idol Records on Spotify for much of 2017 did cause a little inconvenience for The Ghost.  I was late sharing Corner Suns, and I’m just now getting to the latest from The Warden.
  11. Native Fox, “Your Name”
    I mean, what guy hasn’t had that regret of getting that girl’s name?  Don’t lie, guys, you know what I’m talking about.
  12. Sweet Spirit, “The Mighty”
    This song took me my surprise.  I’m used to party jams from Sweet Spirit, but this song is just gorgeous.  This is also the strongest lyrics I’ve heard from the band.  Hopefully they’ll play this song Friday at Three Links.  Dead Flowers and Bravo, Max! round out this ridiculously great lineup brought to you courtesy of King Camel.
  13. Meanie, “Appetite for Your Love”
    For those who remember The Chloes, you are likely aware that most of the members are now in Paper Saints.  Meanwhile, the band’s lead singer April Wenzel is back in action with Meanie, a super fun indie pop project.
  14. The Rotisserie Chickens, “Teflon Skankin Don”
    Because that song title.
  15. Spot, “Moon June Spoon”
    I’m trying to add to my 90’s Dallas CD/MP3 collection, and just bought the self-titled Spot CD this week.  Yes, I know I’m late to the Spot game by over 20 years.  Leave me alone.
  16. Sonar Lights, “Reset”
    There seems to be something about local bands and the title “Reset” lately.  You may recall that Cut Throat Finches recorded a song by that name.  The Ghost even kinda liked the song.  Well, Sonar Lights have recorded a song by that same time.  It’s quite different from the rest of the album, but it’s definitely a lovely and captivating tune in its own right.

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