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So, have you been studying yesterday’s Sunday Spotify 16?  Perhaps you’ve already noticed something unusual regarding the ordering of the songs on the list.  Then again, maybe you haven’t.

Either way, it’s time for you to come up with the mystery Tripping Daisy song in order to get a pair of Homegrown Fest tickets.  I know, there’s quite a number of songs in their discography, so The Ghost will give you a few hints:

  1. This song is in the Top 5 of longest recorded Tripping Daisy tracks
  2. Until about a few months ago, the album that this song is on was not available on iTunes or Spotify.
  3. As I’ve hinted at before, if you study the songs and their ordering on yesterday’s playlist, the title is right there.

All you have to be right now is the first person to email ghostofblindlemon@gmail.com with the correct song title and BAM!  You’re going to Homegrown Fest!  Pretty awesome, right?

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