Sunday Spotify 16: 5/7/17

daisy cassette

Before I begin this playlist, let me give a big thank you to Kinsley August and everyone involved in the show A Tale of Three Folks at Plano Arts Centre Theatre.  Thanks to the crew from both Silas Nello and Glass Canons, to the Arts Centre Theatre staff, and everyone who attended the show.

Now, looking back to the past.  That may sound like I misspoke, but that’s exactly what I meant.  In honor of Tripping Daisy‘s headlining show at Homegrown Fest, The Ghost has opted to create a playlist made exclusively of songs released in the 1990’s.  Pay very close attention to the songs (and their ordering) in this playlist, and study it very carefully.  Tomorrow, I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to Homegrown Fest, and your means to earn those tickets is hidden within today’s Sunday Spotify 16.

  1. Old 97’s, “W-I-F-E”
    What better way to begin the list than with the one band that I followed obsessively during the 1990’s?  It’s also quite appropriate for them to kick off the playlist that’ll give someone Homegrown Fest tickets, as they were on last year’s lineup.
  2. Toadies, “Away”
    Here’s another former Homegrown Fest artist, and arguably the biggest act to emerge out of the 1990’s rock scene of the metroplex.
  3. Pop Poppins, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
    When I think of local acts from the Tales from the Edge era, this is the first to enter my mind.
  4. Ugly Mus-tard, “Twist and Shake”
    I always thought of Ugly Mus-tard as being too heavy for my tastes.  And that might have been true of 1990’s me, but I’ve really been digging this song as of late.
  5. Captain Audio, “Explode”
    When I decided to assemble a 1990’s themed playlist, the one person I consulted with is Dillan Potter (Koppur Thief, Meia).  Dillan is one of the most devout fans of 1990’s local tracks.  He recommended many acts that are featured in this playlist, including Doosu, centro-matic, Tomorrowpeople, and this band right here.
  6. Radish, “Dear Aunt Arctica”
    Here’s a little old school Ben Kweller for you guys.
  7. Erykah Badu, “Appletree”
    How crazy is it that Baduizm is now twenty years old?
  8. Doosu, “Louisiana House Fire, Mid 1950’s”
    I’m not sure how they decided on the location and time period of the events in the song; I’m just glad they recorded it.
  9. MC 900 Ft. Jesus, “If I Only Had a Brain”
    If you missed MC 900 earlier this year at the Kessler, not to worry.  Mark Griffin’s alter ego graces the Kessler’s stage on July 22nd, with Cottonmouth, TX kicking off the show.
  10. Scratch Acid, “Greatest Gift”
    Here’s the lone Austin band on this otherwise metroplex eclusive playlist.  The title of the song sounds like it should have been a Whitney Houston song.  Actually, it would have been quite interesting if Ms. Houston had taken the time to cover this song.  Oh, the things that pop into the dark recesses of The Ghost’s brain…
  11. Deep Blue Something, “Halo”
    I really wanted to feature the Toby Pipes fronted “Done” on this playlist, but it would have meant me kicking off the Radish song off of here.  Consider that a small yet significant clue.
  12. Tripping Daisy, “Trip Along”
    Before you ask, the answer is no.  I know you don’t even know the question yet, but your answer is no.
  13. Tomorrowpeople, “Youth in Orbit”
    I’ve discussed Gary Park’s latest project, Wall of Orange, quite a bit lately.  Now would be an appropriate time to reflect on his previous local music act.
  14. Slobberbone, “Engine Joe”
    Because some Slobberbone is always a good thing.
  15. Jibe, “Away”
    Jibe’s new album, Epic Tales of Human Nature, will be out on June 9th.  In the meantime, here’s something from the act’s first release, the lone studio track from their Live at Trees EP.
  16. centro-matic, “Rock and Roll Eyes”
    My favorite Will Johnson track is “Calling Out the Bastards”, but there just wasn’t an appropriate place on the playlist for that track.  Oh well…
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