Ten for Your Attention: 5/8/17


You know the detail. Ten songs that deserve your attention. Nothing more, nothing less.

The first track comes courtesy of former Monahans kead singer Greg Vanderpool.  He sent me an email to attend his recent Twilite Lounge show, which I was not able to attend.  I have, however, repeatedly listened to “To Violet”, the lead single from his solo debut album Pilot.

It took me a month to getting around to share the Vanderpool track.  Fortunately, I’m able to debut the latest song from The Prof.Fuzz 63 right here and now.  This song doesn’t really stray from what one would expect from this act.  This is fun, kinda goofy garage rock that brings a smile to the face.  Check out “Three Way Tie for Dog of the Year” from his upcoming album Bang Me Hard (to Get Inside).

As someone who suffers from chronic allergy issues, I’m about to say something I never expected I’d say: I really like Pollen.  Not the by-product of the bees and the like, of course.  I still hate that with a passion.  But the Dallas post-punk band named Pollen is truly legit.  Fans of Party Static and Sealion need to give a listen to the band’s song “Origami” below.

The Ghost isn’t sure how to pronounce the name of Houston group MNYNMS.  Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about being able to enjoy their latest electro-pop single, “Denial”.  In fact, I’d even say that it would be hard to deny the charm of MNYNMS’ music.

My friend Jenn “Zooki” Sturges have often discussed the spectrum of both punk and post=punk music.  My taste usually leans more towards post-punk, and further away from the heaviest side of punk.  Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and American Shit Storm is such an exception.  Yes, this is fast, heavy, and chaotic.  Still, ASS maintains a solid melodic core to its frentic and energetic tracks like “Let’s Start a Fire”.  Wherever you prefer to reside on the punk spectrum, take some time to enjoy some ASS.  Hey, I meant the band.  What did you think I was talking about?

In case you needed a change of pace after that ASS-kicking, how about some calming folk courtesy of The Company?  Songs like “Morning” are simple in melody, yet intimate in its lyrics and delivery.  This is as beautiful as the previous track was fiery.

The Ghost just discovered a nice collection of new tracks on the Soundcloud page of Joe Savage.  I don’t know if these are demos, tracks from an upcoming album, or what else they may be.  They’re good though.  I’m particularly digging “Cuttin’ It Up”, which has a slightly Tom Waits style feel to it.

I don’t know much about Houston based Pedro Quality, except that their name is weird, and that “autophobia” is the kind of song that can appeal to both the mainstream alternative listener, as well as the indie hipster.

Chucho has kept a low profile as of late, but they’ve reappeared with a pair of new tracks on their Soundcloud page.  They’re both winners, but I’ve gotta show some love to “Gotta Love Yourself.”

Finally, I leave you with a not really new song from Somogyi (shown above).  “Wait for You”, off of the Hopeless Romantic album, was a big favorite of The Ghost’s last year.  Somogyi recently re-recorded the track, and I think the new version feels crisper and warmer than the original.  It’s like love at first listen all over again.

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