There’s a Riot Girl Fest Goin’ On


During my years of following the local music scene, I have observed that the number of female fronted acts continues to grow.  Yet there is still this notion among some music lovers that female fronted acts are some sort of novelty.  This is a bothersome misnomer to The Ghost, as I could rattle off a long list of great female fronted acts that are breathing much needed life into the local music community.

One musician who understands the significance of female fronted acts in the metroplex area is Jennifer “Zooki” Sturges, former frontwoman for (monkeysphere), now the lead singer of Sex Regrets (I must also disclosure that she designed the GOBL website).  Zooki is in the process of assembling the first Riot Girl Fest, to be held Saturday, July 29th at Club Dada.  She views the event as an opportunity for female identifying individuals to have a safe environment where they can enjoy music that speaks to them, communicate with each other and share experiences, and support one another.  I’ll be interviewing Zooki on a future post, as we will discuss her thoughts on feminism as well as her experiences as a female in the local music scene.

In the meantime, The Ghost is excited to reveal the first round of artists performing Riot Girl Fest.  Zooki is still taking applications for more acts on the lineup.  The only requirements are to be fronted by a female identifying individual, and to have at minimum one song that speaks to issues that women deal with in our society.  If you’re accepted, you’ll join this impressive lineup:

  • Giant Kitty – This Houston all female/female identifying band brings a definite sense of humor and wit to their pop-infused punk style.
  • Heather Go Psycho – The Ghost had the opportunity to see this San Antonio all female band at Crown & Harp five years ago, and if the band’s energy level has remained the same, expect
  • The High Moons – While the band’s sound is by far the most mellow of the lineup, Jordan Henderson’s sharp and often stinging lyrics proves her band to be something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • The Black Cassettes – The band, fronted by Casey Christian, blends punk, metal, and hard rock into a very exciting package; to describe them as a more brutal version of The White Stripes would be a rather appropriate comparison.
  • Pleasure Venom -More great out-of-town punk, this time out of Austin.
  • Sex Regrets – Of course Zooki is going to have her own band on the lineup, as she should.  Sex Regrets embodies the 1990’s riot grrl movement, but appropriately modernized for life in the 2010’s.

Stay tuned to this space for more details on the Riot Girl Fest.

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