Video Wednesday (VW): 5/10/17

vw bus lot

Wow, has it really been since August that I’ve done a Video Wednesday?  The Ghost is slacking big time.  I mean, how am I ever going to earn that Volkswagen endorsement with such lack of frequency?  There have been too many videos I’ve missed during that time period to fully catch up, and instead I will mostly focus on newer videos.

I do, however, feel compelled to begin with a video that I’ve been meaning to share ever since its release.  It’s Charley Crockett‘s video for “In the Night”, and yes, I realize that the video has been out a long time.  It does, however, provide the perfect opportunity to mention his latest show announcement (July 29th at Kessler Theater).  And if you still think it’s lame that I’m sharing a video this old, I ask you this question: do you not like the video or song?  OK, then shut up and watch it again.  You know you want to.

The video for Svenny Baby‘s “Dancing With Another” admittedly starts out a bit slow. The first verse with the simple studio recordings are less endearing, but once the band features live clips and home videos, the band’s sense of fun finally starts to emerge. And that’s the thing about Svenny Baby: their music, above all else, is fun.

So, did you give a listen to Somogyi‘s re-recording of “Wait for You” on yesterday’s Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday?  In case you missed that, today’s your opportunity to watch her video at Redwood Studios while you listen.

Finally, I present to you “Curvy Girl”, the new video courtesy of Cassie Holt and the Lost Souls.  The song is a sassy and sexy ode to the full-figured female form.  Cassie’s sultry, confident voice is the perfect vessel for the message in this anthem for plus size women.  Like the women this video celebrates, there’s a lot to love about both the song and the video.

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