Ten Years

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Ten years ago, I was frustrated with the state of the local music scene.  I said to myself that “it wasn’t like the good old days.”  Upon realizing how much like an old fogy I sounded like, it was time to take action.  And so The Ghost was born.  It’s been a long, strange, ten years since the original incarnation of the Ghost of Blind Lemon blog.  Much has changed, and much still needs to change.  Still, now seems like a good time to reflect on the music to come out during those years.

The Ghost tried to make as comprehensive a list as possible, but I’m sure there are omissions, and for that, I apologize.  I also regret that I’m not able to compile all the songs I want into one simple playlist.  Instead, this will be broken into several playlists, and a few songs that will even stand independent of playlists.  Either way, I hope you enjoy this journey down memory lane.  To all who have been a part of my journey, I thank you for the music and the friendship.

Now, on with the first playlist, courtesy of Spotify.  I placed these songs in alphabetical order by artists, which the exception of the brand spanking new track courtesy of The Delzells.  I figure you’d want to hear that first, and so it is first.

Here’s another fifty songs courtesy of Soundcloud…

And for the first time ever, The Ghost is utilizing ReverbNation for a playlist. It’s mostly alphabetical, with the exception of The High Moons being the first act on the playlist. Their song was the first added to this list, and I considered rearranging the songs to be perfectly alphabetical. When I noticed, however, that this put The High Moons’ picture as the playlist photo, I realized I’d rather look at the beautiful ladies of The High Moons than Air Review (no offense, AR). So here’s 50 more songs, starting with those lovely ladies in The High Moons.

I return to Spotify again to bring a special playlist of artists that have had such a great impact on me in these years that I couldn’t represent their importance in one song. So here’s a playlist with double shots of Doug Burr, Emmeline, Rahim Quazi, Sarah Jaffe, and Somebody’s Darling.

One song that I have been unable to find the full version of is Hendrick’s “Echo and the Pass”. I cannot explain the power this song has over me, except to maybe say that the song embodies the feeling of true and utter heart brokenness. If I had to choose an all time favorite local song, this would be it.

Hendrick, “Echo and the Pass”

Finally, I take a moment to remember a few special individuals who did not get to make the full ten year journey with me. In fact, one died barely a month into my journey as The Ghost. Carter Albrecht was one of the most gifted musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would dare say I’ve yet to meet another individual as equally adept in such a variety of instruments and skills as Carter. Who knows what great music might have come from him had his live not been cut short? It’s a question whose answer we’ll never know. Consider this song a slight hint as to what might have been.

Carter Albrecht, “Rivers Into Rum”

I first met Black Mackey at my days at Lakewood Bar & Grill. I won’t lie; his voice at time should be a tad shrill. His skill as a guitarist and songwriter, however, always made up for any vocal imperfections. He later moved to Portland, where he died in 2012. Here’s one of the many beautiful songs he left behind.

And finally, how could I reflect back on these years without thinking of Frankie and Adam. Those deaths have left a hole in the hearts of those who knew and loved them. I leave you with a Spector 45 classic, and a reminder about Foundation45, an organization devoted to helping people suffering from depression, addiction, and other mental diseases and problems. And know that I effin love you all…

Spector 45, “I Love You”

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