10 for Your Attention This Thursday: 9/21/17

Going Up To Space cover

I’m getting over an illness, so instead of commenting, I’m just letting these songs speak for themselves.  Listen and enjoy.


Anchor North, “Young”


Ask for Joy, “Luna”


Bangarang, “Wet Suit”


Better Now,”Back Pains”


Earthchild Imperius, “Dark at the Daylight’s End”


Edgar Derby, “Who We Are”


French 75, “Your Love”


Friendship Bracelets, “Community College Shot Glass”


Saint Martin, “Ernie”


Shadows of Jets, “Houndstooth Coat”
(cover photo is from their new EP, Going Up to Space)


That’s all the music for today.  If you wanna submit music, Talk to The Ghost.  Oh, and don’t forget to vote in the Ghosty Awards!

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