(Half of a) Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 9/5/17

lizzie boredom

I know, it’s been eons since the last Ten for Your Attention, and I’m still only doing half the typical number.  The truth is, I’ve missed out on so much that it’s even hard to know where to start.  I will remind you, however, that if you’d like for me to bring attention to your music, shoot me an email and The Ghost will see what he can do.

In the meantime, let’s start out with a brand new track courtesy of Dezi 5.  Earlier this year, Dezi made the move to New York City, but he’ll return this Friday to headline a show at Trees.  The date also coincides nicely with the release of a new track called “The Night”.  In Dezi’s press release, the song is said to “evoke a new era of Urban/Retro-Soul”, but The Ghost is hearing more of a strong 80’s new wave dance vibe on the track.  No matter where one sees the influence on this track, it is obvious that Dezi is digging deeper into his musical bag of tricks to entertain his ever growing fan base.

Up next is a new track from Alex Rhea entitled “Sugar Bear”.  The song is decidedly less biting than most of the tracks from her EP, Naked Soul.  There’s a new sweetness found in the singer’s voice as she strolls through the jazzy melody of this song.

The War Bonnets have quietly released their debut album, We Are All That Is Left. As far as The Ghost can tell, they have no upcoming shows on their roster.  That’s a shame, because there’s a unique charm to this hard rock band.  Perhaps it’s the contrast between the sweetness is lead singer Hanna’s vocals against the more aggressive (yet still radio-friendly) melodies.  It might also be the drama in melodies like “Math” that have me so curious.  Either way, The War Bonnets seem like a band that is willing to fight for your attention.

In case you missed it, Sudie has a new song called “TBH”.  It’s almost as good as her song “FAQ” from her last EP, Prism.  I can’t wait to hear her next song.  Maybe she’ll release “IMO” or “LOL”.  She might even surprise us and do a cover of Usher’s “OMG”.  Maybe she will, maybe she won’t.  IDK.

Finally, I present to you Dead Man Don’t Cat Call, the new EP from Lizzie Boredom.  You’ve undoubtedly heard the EP’s title track, the in-your-face slam against men who cat call and direspect women.  The EP combines elements of punk/riot grrl/post-punk and all that is good in rock and roll.  The title track is certainly the highlight of the EP, but there’s not a weak track in the bunch.  If The Ghost were to choose a runner-up, it’d probably be the EP’s closer, “Not My Problem”.

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