Monday Mixteen: 9/4/17

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It’s Labor Day, but The Ghost was hard at work creating another Monday Mixteen.  OK, “hard at work” is stretching matters a bit, especially since this week’s edition is mostly without comment.  Actually, I’ll give you two comments, free of charge.

  • Notice how the Garrett Owen and Vandoliers songs are placed back to back?  That’s in honor of their show Saturday at Dada where they open up for Paul Cathen.
  • I like all sixteen of these songs.  A lot.


But what are these sixteen songs, you ask?  Look below and you’ll find them.

  1. Pearl Earl, “Meet Your Maker”
  2. Henry the Archer, “New Mexico”
  3. Ronnie Fauss (feat. Ben Kweller), “Saginaw Paper Mill”
  4. Jana Pochop, “Lightning”
  5. Calhoun, “The Lies Tho”
  6. Food Group, “You Are”
  7. Nite, “I Long 4 U”
  8. Garrett Owen, “Rose Hill”
  9. Vandoliers, “Endless Summer”
  10. The Delzells, “Snide Reply”
  11. Little Beards, “Office Matinee”
  12. The Unlikely Candidates, “Violence”
  13. The Rocketboys, “Away We Go”
  14. The Texas Gentlemen, “Bondurant Woman”
  15. Siberian Traps, “The River Report”
  16. Chris J Norwood, “Love Keeps Us Strong”

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