Ten for Your Attention This Thursday: 9/14/17

Photo by: Mike Ferreira

Most of the songs on today’s edition of Ten for Your Attention This Thursday are recent releases. In the case of Particular People, however, their album Meat for Particular People came out early this summer. It’s a release that probably would have flown under my radar had it not been for longtime GOBL fan and friend Shelley. When asked for some of the best releases of the summer months, she said “I don’t know if it’s ‘the best’, but I keep going back to it and I never skip a track.” I would voice a similar opinion, stating that the album is the musical equivalent of either a favorite comfort food or your favorite pair of shoes that you keep returning to. It’s a straight ahead rock album, and while Particular People are not reinventing the wheel, they’re certainly taking you on a really fun ride. I chose “Rolling Through Streets” to share, but really, take the time to listen to all the album.

Fun fact: did you know that the first Electronica Reader’s Ghosty Award went to Tomkat? The band is back, though their new single “Teardrop” has a much warmer and less electronic sound. Two things that haven’t changed, however, are lead singer Katrina Cain’s lovely voice and the band’s ability to write a catchy pop tune.

I can’t quite pin the musical influence on “It’s Just Blood”, the first song off of American Werewolf Academy‘s new album, Dead Without Dying & Gleefully Attached. I can say it sound decidedly out of the 1970’s, and there’s healthy doses of power-pop, garage, and pure rock and roll. All I know is when I hear it, I feel compelled to wave a lighter in the air and throw up my rock fingers.

Last week, Joe Savage debuted a new song on Soundcloud called “Country as I’ll Ever Be”, which Joe Savage ever will be. Here’s another new song from Mr. Savage, showing why we have “Great Expectations” for him to continue being one of the strongest country music presences in the area.


Sometimes you browse random people on Bandcamp and stumble upon something cool. Such is the case with Mama Nova, an Austin act I found on the site.  His EP, For the Love of Dog, is available for purchase at whatever price you choose.  It’s a good collection of songs, with my favorite being the EP’s closer, “What I’ve Been Missing”.

David Joshua (formerly David Trust and lead singer of Velvet Guard) is back with a new EP called Signals.  The album releases Friday, but he’s been kind enough to let me debut a track before the release.  The song is “Heaven Sent”.  and the lyrics to this are easily some of the strongest from David and this point.


The Ghost was a huge fan of Black & Blues back in the day, and is thrilled that Keite Young is getting the attention he deserves as Medicine Man Revival.  Young’s vocals on any given day are impressive, but the falsetto on his new track, “We Are Love”, is spot on.  The only way this track could get better is with a guest rap from -Topic.  Oh wait, he already appears on the song.

I’ve been wanting to see Bronwen Roberts, and in theory, this Saturday would be the perfect day to do so.  That’s the day she’ll be holding her album release party for False Start at the Belmont Hotel.  Alas, I will be at Bomb Factory watching two of the biggest bands to emerge out of Dallas during my lifetime.  So Ms. Roberts, I extend my apologies for missing you again.  I look forward to the day I get to finally catch you perform your beautiful melodies in person.  In the meantime, let me partially make it up to you by sharing the sweet sounds of your song “Sugarwater.”

Everyone knows how good of a blues singer that Charley Crockett is.  On his latest album, Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee, he explores hia love of classic country in greater detail.  Think of it sort of like the modern day equivalent of Ray Charles’ Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.  Well, except for the fact that the sounds he’s exploring are not so modern in 2017.  That’s just as well, as I’d much rather hear him sing a classic like The Byrds’ “You’re Still on My Mind” than almost anything you’ll hear on modern country radio stations.

Finally, I leave you Houston band Brightwire.  Their new EP is titled Eye of the Storm, likely named so since the band recorded several of the songs while stuck in their house durring Hurricane Harvey.  The opening track, “Despite the Gray”, has a laid back and sincere charm to it.  The instrumentation may be basic, but the simplicity adds to the charm, as do the harmonies provided by Samuel and Kim Barker.

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