Where The Ghost Will Be Today: 10/21/17


You know, The Ghost has missed the opportunity to broadcast live via internet radio.  At the moment, there is no signs of that changing in the near future.  If you do miss getting to hear The Ghost spin cool local tunes, I have the perfect opportunity for you.  I will be playing a bunch of cool tunes today from 4-5 pm at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.  I’m not going to tell you the names of all the artists I plan to play, but I’ll give you a few hints.  Look at the names of artists tagged in this post.  It is not a full list of what you’ll hear, but do consider it a small sneak preview.  I will tell you one more detail about this playlist.  See how I tagged Droo’s Peace Crush?  I will not be playing a track from last year’s excellent The War for Love album.  Instead, he’s letting me debut a new track from his upcoming album, ’79 Playlist.  So yeah, that’s worth mentioning.

But enough about recorded songs that I’ll be playing.  How about discussing some live music performed by real life musicians?  After my DJ set ends, Justin Pickard will be performing directly after me.  Mr. Pickard is a veteran of the local music scene, and he consistently puts on a stellar show.

And that still leaves plenty of time for whatever evening plans you may have.  So consider this a nice appetizer before your musical main entree.

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