Monday Mixteen: 10/9/17

Monday Mixteen 20171009

Depending on your perspective, this coming weekend is either one of your favorite or least favorite weekends of the year.  Our state is about to receive a major influx of Oklahoma natives this weekend for the infamous Red River Texas OU weekend.  The Ghost is not going on official record as taking sides, although the above photo likely says over 1,000 words.  At the end of the day, though, The Ghost ultimately supports Team Local Music.  So whether you’re a proud Texan or visiting Oklahoman, here’s a playlist that spotlights some great talent performing during Texas OU weekend.

  1. Calhoun, “MNTN Hearts”
    If there’s one show I’m especially excited about this weekend, it would have to be the CD release for Calhoun’s Football Night in America, happening Friday night at Granada Theater.
  2. Oil Boom, “Earful”
    Actually, that Calhoun CD release show is a dual CD release show, with Oil Boom releasing their latest, Terribility.
  3. Quiet Company, “We Should Go to Counseling”
    So, you still need another reason to go to Granada Theater on Friday?  Will the opportunity to see Austin band Quiet Company suffice?
  4. Jake Paleschic, “Bullet”
    Okay, last plug for the Granada show on Friday. Fort Worth country singer-songwriter Jake Paleschic opens up the show.  Mr. Paleschic has already earned himself a reputation as a quality performer, and The Ghost suspects that in the following months, y’all will be hearing his name mentioned a lot more.
  5. Atlantis Aquarius, “Full Moon”
    The Ghost has yet how to attend two shows at once.  If anyone can explain how to do that, I will attend both the aforementioned Granada Theater show along with the Atlantis Aquarius show the same night at Three Links.
  6. Medicine Man Revival, “Everytime I’m With You”
    Medicine Man Revival opens for Atlantis Aquarius at Three Links.  Fortunately, they’ll perform the following night at Spinster Records, along with Honor System and Body English.
  7. Henry the Archer, “Wi-Fi Pets”
    I wanted to share a new Mean Motor Scooter song on this playlist to celebrate their album release Friday night at Main at South Side.  Alas, there are no new MMS up as of yet.  Instead, here’s a track from Henry the Archer, one of the evening’s opening acts.  And if anyone from MMS is reading this, I’d love to debut a new track from the band.  The Ghost is just throwing it out to the universe, that’s all…
  8. Quincy Forte, “I Don’t Know Anything”
    For those who’d rather spend their Saturday afternoon drinking beer and listening to music instead of watching the game, I have a fabulous idea for you.  Check out The Ghost’s buddy, Quincy Forte, at Guitars & Growlers in Richardson.
  9. Vandoliers, “Endless Summer”
    McKinney folk need good shows this weekend too.  Fortunately, Vandoliers are coming to the rescue and performing at Hank’s Texas Grill Friday night.
  10. Fair City Fire, “No Promises”
    Adair’s has plenty of strong musical options this weekend.  Saturday night, Justin Pickard & The Thunderbird Winos take the stage, with Trees Marie & The Heavy Hearts.  Mo Robson Band headlines Friday night, but The Ghost thought this would be a good time to show some love to Austin band Fair City Fire, whose set starts at 7:45 Friday night.
  11. Bravo, Max!, “Raise a Toast”
    If you don’t get to catch Bravo, Max! Friday night at The Foundry, fear not.  The band will help the Fillmore Pub in Plano celebrate it’s ten year anniversary, along with Eleven Hundred Springs.  Both bands will be performing at the outdoor McCall Plaza Stage, as the venue might burst at the seams if they tried to fit the fans of both acts inside the pub.
  12. Honey Lotus, “Different Love”
    For those needing soulful pop, a visit to City Tavern is in order Saturday night.  Honey Lotus will be providing the sweet grooves that evening.
  13. VVOES, “Days Are Numbered”
    I haven’t heard much out of the VVOES camp as of late, but it appears they’ve got plenty of shows on their agenda at the moment.  Go to their Facebook for the full schedule, because I’m just focusing on their show Saturday at The Boiled Owl featuring Def Rain and All Clean.
  14. Audry Oliver, “Liberated”
    The Ghost always loves shining a spotlight on talent that deserves attention.  I feel Ms. Oliver is deserving of that attention.  She’s got a strong voice, and her sound nicely incorporates elements of rock, blues, and country.  You have two opportunities to catch her perform: Friday night at Dodie’s restaurant, and Saturday at the Farmers Branch Farmers Market.  It’s worth noting that at the latter event, GOBL favorite The Potters (featuring Meia) will be performing, giving you one more reason to check her out Saturday.
  15. Whiskey Folk Ramblers (feat. Jenna Clark), “Goin’ Back to Clarksdale”
    Friday at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth, the Jenna Clark Band performs.  The following night, Whiskey Folk Ramblers take their stage.  So what better way to honor both performances than with this WFR/Jenna Clark collaboration?
  16. Alexandria Rhea, “Busy”
    Finally, I leave you with the event For the Love of Music: Tim Lane Benefit.  The FB event link will tell you all about the event, plus it provides another link to the Tim Lane Gofundme page.  The Ghost always loves to help promote music events that help others, and especially when the lineup features talented acts, most notably Ms. Rhea.
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