Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 10/24/17

Photo of Emmeline by: John Allen Grant

No time for idle chit-chat.  Let’s just dive into these ten songs, listed alphabetically by artist, iTunes style.

Andrew Holmes demonstrates a very unique vocal style on the track “England”.  It made The Ghost wonder if perhaps England wasn’t just a song title, but a former home.  His Bandcamp page says he’s from Abilene, and that’s good enough for The Ghost.  The track itself is more than good enough, and his distinct style paired with his beautiful lyrics suggest that he is an artist to watch in the coming months and years.


Is it just me, or did ska nearly fall off the musical map again?  Rude King is going on indefinite hiatus after this weekend, and (monkeysphere) made way for Sex Regrets.  At least The Bandulus released a new EP., even if they now called Portland home instead of Austin.  Here’s a Bandulus original called “Smile.”


I’m trying to figure out something witty and impressive to say about Fort Worth band Bedside Manor.  But truth is, there’s nothing much to say, except that they write some really catchy songs (such as “My Girl Monday”) that put a smile on a Ghost’s face.  At the end of the day, what more can you ask for?


And now we go from “My Girl Monday” to Friday, the EP from The Bralettes, who declare themselves “your favorite Oak Cliff all girl band.”  There’s a lot to like about this band, especially if you’re into lo-fi garage rock with a little hint of punk.  Here’s my favorite of the three tracks on the EP, “Back to This”.


I’m pretty sure that anyone who reads GOBL is well aware of how big a fan I am of Emmeline.  It’s been almost 4 years since she released her last EP, but word is that it won’t be much longer until her first full-length album, Rise, will be released.  It is an honor and a privilege to get to debut a track from the new album.  “Stop the World” shows the strongest melodic hooks she has written to date.  Her vocals are also a little more fiery on this track, and it fits the song so well.  My advice is to stop whatever you’re doing and take a moment to “Stop the World” with Emmeline.


Last week, my pal Matthew Stephen Jones posted several local music recommendations on the Ghost’s Facebook page.  One of those recommendations was “Slowly”, the new track from Hello Shannon.  I had already heard the song, and planned on featuring it on today’s playlist.  A track this ethereal and dreamy is too good to keep to one’s self for too long.  I noticed that Mark from The Local Ticket is playing this track, so hopefully Hello Shannon will slowly work its way into the awareness of the local music community.


If you’ve been waiting for more garage pop in this post since listening to The Bralettes, fear not.  Kyoto Lo-Fi has a new track called “Flowering Boulders”.  It’s catchy.  You’ll dig it.  Unless you don’t like good music.  In which case, you won’t dig it.


Salim Nourallah.  Billy Harvey.  Alex Dezen (of The Damnwells).  NDH.  That’s a lot of talent to fit into one band.  Check out all that talent squeezed into “I Sent a Postcard”.


I mentioned that Matthew Stephen Jones recommend Hello Shannon.  He also recommended the last two acts. Simone Nicole was the only artist that wasn’t on my release radar.  Her self-titled album runs the gamut from country-pop to singer-songwriter stripped down ballads.  I must confess that the more poppy upbeat numbers weren’t as much my cup of tea.  That’s okay, because when Simone Nicole slows down the tempo, her vocals can nearly give you goosebumps.  There’s plenty of the great, slower songs on this album, such as “Blind”, “Golden Ticket”, and “A Story of My Own”.  I chose “Whiskey Cola” to spotlight because there’s something especially haunting in this track.  Oh, and the song mentions whiskey, and that’s always a good thing.


Finally, I leave you with some Sister.  The group has finally released its first album, Spiraling Mind.  Vocalists Amanda Page and Haylee Ryan have gone beyond their early days of singer-songwriter fare and immersed themselves in a sophisticated mix of blues and soul.  Try not to groove along to the album’s opening track, “Not Ready”.  Go ahead.  Don’t get into the vibe.  I dare you.


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