Video Wednesday: 10/4/17

astro drink

Changing things up on this Video Wednesday (aka VW), and for the first time, I’m not using a photo of a Volkswagen for this edition of VW.  Instead, I used a screenshot from the new Charcutery video for “Take a Hint.”  If you’re not familiar with that name, perhaps you remember the name Trey Johnson.  In addition to a strong solo career, he’s best known for his band Sorta.  I will argue with anyone that Trey Johnson is one of the strongest songwriters to ever emerge from this city.  While the vocal performance on this track is more droll than Mr. Johnson’s usual, his skill with words never fails.  As for the video, it follows the exploits of an astronaut back on earth who is unable to adapt to the environment around him.  For some reason, this video reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the suit acts as a shield, yet also prevents him from being directly able to experience the joys of the world.  I can’t decide whether the video is bitingly funny or bittersewet and almost tragic.  Either way, “Take a Hint” works on both the audio and visual level.


Finally, I thought I’d relive one of the many fun moments from The Texas Gentlemen’s album release show Saturday night at The Kessler Theater. Here, the band brings the party with arguably their most beloved track, “Habbie Doobie”. And yes, that is in fact Keite Young from Medicine Man Revival as a guest vocalist. What can I say? Ain’t no party like a Texas Gentlemen party.

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