Video Wednesday (VW): 10/18/17 – Ghosty Award Edition


So, about these Ghosty Awards… voting is still open.  You do remember that, right?  You can still vote until November 18th at 11:59 CST.  Of course, that leaves the following question: who should you vote for?  I’m not one to try to sway the voting, but I do believe in an informed electorate… er… readership.  Either way, it’s time that The Ghost help present you with some highlights in order to aid you in the decision making process.  Since today is Video Wednesday (complete with the obligatory Volkswagen photo), it seems only fitting to spotlight the five nominees for Best Music Video.  So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and check out these mini cinematic treats.

The Angelus, “The Other Side of the Mountain”
Directed by: David Gilbert
The Angelus’ video is arguably the odd man out among the five nominees.  This year’s selections emphasized visual style over substance.  To be clear, there’s no lack of style in this video directed by Gilbert.  What this video possesses that the others lack is a genuine story line.  The story centers around a broken hearted man, though it’s not explicitly stated whether he’s mourning the end of a relationship or the death of his lover.  What is clear is the sadness and hopelessness he feels.  The video slowly builds to a climax where the forlorn man comes face to face with a being that resembles a grim reaper.  The ending to this video provides a twist that makes “The Other Side of the Mountain” a unique cinematic journey.


Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Octapush”
Directed by: Mike Lew, Terrence Kemp and Ducado Vega
If there’s one act that The Ghost can count on to consistently create entertaining and visual intriguing videos, it’s Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi.  This time around, Ducado and Zenya can be seen in neon face paint, playing with cake, and all in impeccable style.  The collage of fashion, colors, and funkiness show that Ducado and Zenya are always entertaining to watch.  And on a completely unrelated note, keep an eye out for a cameo by this year’s Ghosty Awards host, Veronica Young (Hungover With V), in this video.


Pearl Earl, “Meet Your Maker”
Directed by: César Velasco
The Pearl Earl song is sung from the perspective of an alien visiting Earth.  It’s only fitting then that the song’s video has an other worldly feel to it.  “Much of “Meet Your Maker” has a lo-fi feel to it, and feels as if you need adjust your rabbit ears while watching (young hipsters, take a moment to Google the phrase “rabbit ears”).  There is nothing wrong with your TV (or computer in this); the odd colors, distortion, and random clips are all by design to give “Meet Your Maker” a unique psychedelic feel.  Words about video


Sam Lao, “Grenade”
Directed by: Jeremy Biggers
If you don’t like 1990’s hip-hop videos, you will almost certainly not appreciate the video for “Grenade”.  Of course, I suspect those that don’t like 1990’s hip-hop videos are also the same people who hate puppies and say “Bah Humbug” a lot.  The truth is, that era was a golden age for hip-hop, and director Jeremy Biggers immersed this Sam Lao video with that vibe.  The most obvious tribute to the past is Lao’s over the top trash bag suit a la Missy Elliott.  There’s also the dayglo paint that reminds me of Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where I Can See”.  If this video was any more firmly rooted in the 1990’s hip-hop zeitgeist, The Ghost would think this was a long lost gem from video director Hype Williams’ collection.


Wall of Orange, “Small Hour Crimes”
Directed by: Erich Scholz
This video is every bit as surreal as the Pearl Earl vid, though its style is different.  This video makes use of cool camera and photography tricks.  There’s lots of burnt negative footage incorporated in “Small Hour Crimes”, along with projecting other images inside the silhouettes of people.  These surreal images are the perfect complement to the dreamt shoegaze soundscapes of Wall of Orange.

The Ghost hopes you enjoyed this music video marathon, and reminds you to do your duty as a local music citizen and vote for your favorites in the Ghosty Awards.

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