Video Wednesday (VW): 10/25/17


Before I begin today’s Video Wednesday, let me remind my readers that I am very comfortable with the idea of selling out and getting a sponsor.  My deal is still open to allow any Volkswagen dealership the opportunity to sponsor Video Wednesday.  That’s why it’s on a Wednesday: so I can call it VW.  Other sponsorships are accepted and appreciated as well, so Talk to The Ghost if you’d like to help The Ghost in future music related endeavors.  Now, on with the show…

TOMKAT has a new album out called Icarus, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re missing out on a band that is soaring to a whole other level.  There’s a sophistication to the new batch of songs, plus they’re simply written, recorded, and performed better than their last EP.  Their newest video, “Drowning”, is from said album.  This is a very minimalistic video, which at first may not seem that intriguing.  Yet there’s something about these simple visuals of the band that suck the viewer into the song and force the individual to pay even stronger attention to the melody and lyrics.  Well played, TOMKAT.  Well played.

So, how many of you love the film Point Blank?  No, not the new remake.  I mean, what was the point of doing that anyways?  The Ghost is obviously referring to the 1991 classic with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.  Perhaps I’m stretching to call it a classic.  Again, I digress.  Bullet Machine has a new video for their song “Ninety Seconds of Your Life”.  There’s plenty of nods to Point Break throughout, and the song is pretty rad too.  Neither the song or the video are particularly groundbreaking, but it’s serious fun.  You know, kinda like the original film.


That last video definitely embraced a rock and roll ethos.  It’s almost as rock and roll as Thin Lizzy.  You remember them, “The Boys Are Back in Town” and all, right?  Well, the supergroup NHD decided to put there own spin on the song.  As for the video, it features rock and roll moments like cooking dinner, gardening, and uh… sipping tea with your pinky extended?  Perhaps this video isn’t quite as rock and roll as Bullet Machine, but Nourallah, Harvey, and Dezen manage to make a humorous examination of balancing every day life with the rock and roll dream.  These grown men do seem to revel in their activities, and in its own weird, twisted way, that’s pretty rock and roll.

Finally, The Ghost has wanted to find an appropriate way to acknowledge the passing of Tom Petty.  Another thing The Ghost has wanted to do is to showcase a video by local music fan extraordinaire Georgiaindallas.  Sometimes life gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone.  Georgia videotaped parts of The Roomsounds‘ tribute to Tom Petty at Twilite Lounge.  Here, the band is joined by Tyler Curtis Rougeux and Nick Snyder on one of Tom’s most rockin’ songs ever, “Runnin’ Down a Dream”.  The result is pretty damn awesome, as is evident below.

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