Ghosty Hip-Hop Insights from a Soccer Mom


The Ghost decided it would be a good idea to an expert opinion here are there about the selections for this year’s Ghosty Awards.  One category I felt it would be particularly useful to get an outside perspective is for the category of Hip-Hop/Rap.  I knew that for this category, there was only one appropriate person to contact: a soccer mom.

To those unfamiliar with the local hip-hop scene, the idea of getting the input of a soccer mom may sound preposterous.  For those in the know about local hip-hop, you undoubtedly are familiar with Callie Dee, the metroplex’s favorite Hip Hop Promoting Soccer Mom, Callie Dee.  I could think of no more trusted name to get a perspective on my selection.  She even said of The Ghost’s list that it’s “probably one of the best stacked Hip Hop Nomination for any one publication/website that I’ve seen.”  The fact that Callie said this about my hip-hop selections?  Well, mind = beyond blown.

What follows are her thoughts on The Ghost’s selections…

The Nominees are:

  • 88 Killa, the Hulen Mall Legend himself. Unless you’re just NOT a part of the music scene whatsoever, you’ve heard the homie’s name all over the metroplex. He rocks out almost weekly at Beauty Bar with DJ Sober, he’s hit up Dada a few times on a prime night lately that I’ve noticed, and he hangs with an elite crowd of artistic moguls. On a five star scale, Killa MC’s IG game gets 6. And I know TECHNICALLY none of that matters, but when it’s backed up with killer flow and an ear for picking the right beats to murder, 88 Killa lives up to his name in any competition. He dresses aight too I guess…
  • Every night is a perfect night for a funeral, amiright? An artist who is willing to die and come back with a gang of followers, Blue, the Misfit is another deadly force to be reckoned with. This jet setter has hit more cities than I can remember, SLAYED the Dallas Observer Music Awards last year and just keeps on winning. He hails from the Brain Gang out of North Texas and has grown to be a star in his own right. Catch him every Sunday with John Stewart DJing (and dancing) for “All Everything” at RBC or maybe catch him in LA, NYC, Philly, Candle Room if you fancy.
  • The Next Group to Slay IT ALL, aka Cure for Paranoia, is another great contender. I remember a time when I didn’t know who they were but saw them everywhere. Were they part of the press? I mean, they’re in the green room, VIP, they got to be SOMEBODY, right? Then BAM! Cure for Paranoia’s takeover commenced. They got the look, the vibe, the fashion/artistic sense, the lyrics, the placements, the team…I mean, they really kinda got it all. Anyone mad yet? You can catch this group weekly at Three Links as part of Collab Tuesdays, Thursdays at High and Tight and Saturdays at Drugstore Cowboy. If you wanna know how to win, watch these guys. Follow them, become their friends. That’s the advice I give to all of my up and coming bands, but they don’t wanna listen.
  • Guys (and ladies) I’m super glad to see this next one on the list. Elijah Heaps is like my Vampire super crush. He’s everything Edward Cullen wished he could be, and he raps. He raps very good. Anyone alive (or dead inside) can relate to his lyrics. His beats are eerily mesmerizing which only matches the whole Vampire Entrance thing he’s got going on. If there’s a cool show going on in Denton, you’ll usually see his name on the flyer. I think Dallas and the Funk could get with the program a little bit, yeah?
  • Devy Stonez is probably the one on the list that I know the least about. In doing some research I’m sure I’ve seen him at a show or on a flyer. This just attests to the fact of their being SO MUCH TALENT in DFW that sometimes one can’t hear it or see it all AND REMEMBER! What I appreciate about this artist off the bat is FIRST skill (of course), but after that it’s the play on his name. He has one album “Stepping Stonez” and then another “Rolling Stonez”. Things like that make a marketing geek like me very happy inside. His videos are quality, you can find his catalog on iTunes (my preferred platform) as well as other digital media sites. Alright, Devy Stonez, you got my attention.

Shouts out to the people who nominated this category, and to those having to vote! It’s not an easy choice, that’s for sure!

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