Ten for Your Attention: 11/14/17

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Monday came, and Monday went by with no Mixteen songs for my readers.  Consider these Ten songs as something of an apology.  I’m listing the tracks in alphabetical order by artist just because I didn’t feel like agonizing over how to arrange these tracks.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of new releases, as it only features tracks available on Spotify.  I’ll have to share some Bandcamp/Soundcloud/etc. tracks next week, but this will have to do for now.

  1. Black Habits, “Petty Lies”
    Black Habits recently returned to the local music scene, and with a new lead vocalist in Jennifer “Zooki” Sturges. It’s the heaviest band she’s been involved with to date, and tracks like “Petty Lies” bring out the strongest parts of her vocals.
  2. Ducado Vega & Zenya Vi, “Bombay B”
    You know what makes a Tuesday morning better? Some Tuesday Morning Blend. The KNON radio show always spins some cool tracks, and this morning they debuted the latest from Ducado and Zenya (shown above). It’s easily the most unique sounding track the duo has recorded to date. And damn, that intro. Damn!
  3. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    It feels odd for me to refer to this track as new, considering the original version was released over two years ago. Still, this new version (from the forthcoming full length album Rise) breathes a new life into the track.  Plus, I don’t want any of my readers to be left out of the loop on any Emmeline news.  That just wouldn’t be right of The Ghost to do.
  4. Falgoo, “Safe Passage”
    How many times have I listened to this track in the past week or so? I’m not sure I can count that high. This track, and especially the vocals of Ashley Falgout, hit me in a way that is beyond appropriate articulation. Ms. Falgout may have found the golden mean between soulfulness and restraint, and it’s giving me the feels something fierce.
  5. Kaela Sinclair, “Clear Eyes”
    The Ghost has a confession to make. When Ms. Sinclair released “Golden” earlier this year. it was a bit of a letdown. It’s not that the track wasn’t good exactly. In fact, the goodness of the track was the problem. I didn’t expect good from Kaela; I expected greatness. I expected powerful and complex melodies that capture my head and heart in equal measure. What I expected of Ms. Sinclair has finally come to fruition through the release of her new EP, We Watched as the Lights Went Out. These are the tracks that capture the artist’s brilliance. There’s not a loser in the bunch, but “Clear Eyes” captivates me just a little more than the rest of the tracks.
  6. Luna Luna, “80’s Tune”
    It’s everything you’d expect from a song with the title “80’s Tune”. And that’s a good thing.
  7. Mitchell Ferguson, “Go, Kid, Go”
    Mr. Ferguson is an up and coming local act that has managed to share the stage with acts like Charley Crockett and Lily Hiatt. Go, kid, go indeed.
  8. The Speedlights, “Blame It on the Stereo”
    The Speedlights released their debut EP in 2015, a solid effort of catchy power-pop. The band is taking their hooks to another level with their full length Night Driver. Whereas the EP focused more on the pop and less of the power in power-pop, these new tunes embody all the best of 70’s acts like The Cars and Cheap Trick. Fans of power-pop cannot afford to miss this new album. And if you don’t like power-pop, well, what’s wrong with you?
  9. Summer Salt, “Favorite Season”
    I’m a bit late on this track, as it was released in honor of Halloweem. I guess we could try to pretend it’s about Thanksgiving or Christmas, but that’s just weird.
  10. Tru Def, “Hold Me Down”
    Some of you may have read my post with guest columnist Callie Dee as she reviewed the nominees for Best Ghosty in Hip-Hop/Rap. While Tru Def wasn’t nominated this year, I suspect he’ll have a really good shot at a nomination next year. “Hold Me Down” has a beat that cannot be denied, and Tru Def has flow too mad to ever be held down.

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