Monday Mixteen: 12/3/17

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Most of my Monday Mixteen posts as of late have held some sort of theme.  I’ll return to that at some point.  For now, The Ghost needed to just speak freely about his thoughts and some tunes that have been in my head and heart.

  1. Mother Tongues, “Jam of the Tongues”
    This band comes highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended by Jeffrey Brown (aka King Camel). When Jeff speaks local music, The Ghost listens. Turns out that Jeff is right to like this band. It’s legit quality psych rock, and I suspect the live show is beyond legit.
  2. Salim Nourallah, “Boy in a Record Shop”
    I had meant to post some killer new tunes last Friday, including a few debuts. The Ghost is behind on sharing again, and I apologize. Here’s one of the tracks I wanted to debut on Friday. This is from Salim’s upcoming double CD, Somewhere South of Sane. That’s right folks, Salim is releasing a double CD. This is exciting stuff.
  3. Henry the Archer, “Wi-Fi Pets”
    I spent a lot of time running around Saturday night for the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase. Perhaps I’ll do a full proper write-up by week’s end. I will say that I only briefly checked out Henry thet Archer’s set due what seemed to be an overpowering green smoke odor in the room. It’s a shame because what little I saw of the band suggests a highly talented group of musicians with a genuinely unique vibe. I’ll have to try the band again.
  4. bronwyn, “Midnight Traffic”
    I met brownyn (named intentionally uncapitalized) when she performed with Andrew Delaney at the 3rd Annual Ghosty Awards. She gave me a copy of her Minds Somewhere Else CD, which I preceded to listen to on the last night drive home. This is one of those songs that is absolutely perfect for a last night drive. The sultry voice of bronwyn against the slow jazzy vibe is perfect for any time of day in reality, but it hits you hardest late at night.
  5. Most Vivid, “You Make Staying Easy”
    The 1970’s have earned a reputation for producing cheesy music. Some of that stereotype may be fair, but that decade managed to produce some pop tunes with hooks that are beyond undeniable. Most Vivid may be a modern band, but the track embraces all that was right with 1970’s pop music.
  6. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Bombay B”
    Dallas has too long slept on Ducado Vega. Fortunately, it seems some are starting to wake up. Paul Slavens featured this track on one of his Sunday night shows recently, and getting featured on his show is a pretty big deal if you ask me. Also, there’s a new video out for “Bombay B” that I will share on the blog in the near future. Truth is, however, you should not wait for The Ghost to share it with commentary. Instead, find it on YouTube and judge for yourself.
  7. Meach Pango, “Curfew”
    The Ghost would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Meach Pango, one of the newest artists on the Hand Drawn Records roster.
  8. Ron Bultongez, “New Cycle”
    I’ll bet a number of local music fans had never heard of Mr. Bultongez prior to his many Ghosty nominations. Ron was arguably the night’s biggest winner, taking away awards for Best New Artist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Folk/Acoustic Act, and Best EP for Thank You, PLANO. I hope everyone is now paying attention to this great talent.
  9. The Speedlights, “After Tonight”
    Because power-pop is always a good thing.
  10. Mamalarky, “Nonmonogamy”
    This track was previously featured as KUTX’s Song of the Day. Austin band Mamalarky created a unique combination for jazz, soul, and pop, and then wrapped it all up in an indie blanket.
  11. Andy Pickett, “Alberta”
    There was plenty of buzz around Mr. Pickett when he released his 2014 album, It Happens Every Night. Now that White Denim acted as the backing band for his new self-titled album, the buzz is louder than the inside of a beehive. The buzz is indeed well deserved, as there is a richness in the recording to the tracks on this album. Songs like “Alberta” are dreamy and captivating. Expect Pickett to be on lots of Year End Best lists.
  12. Kaela Sinclair, “Clear Eyes”
    The orchestration on this track enchants my head. It’s the lyrics, delivered sincerely by Ms. Sinclair, that hit my heart every time.
  13. Bangarang, “Wet Suit”
    I’ll keep it simple: this song is fun. Lots of fun.
  14. Margaret Chavez, “Call for Cull”
    If you’re thinking that the voice of this Margaret sounds familiar and decidedly non-female, you’d be correct. It’s the latest solo release from Marcus Striplin (Pleasant Grove). While the track was not recorded with PG, it still maintains a similar sound, most likely a result of Striplin’s voice. Spoiler alert: the track is awesome.
  15. Chief Perch, “Should Coulda Woulda”
    I’ve been seeing the name Chief Perch pop up a bit lately. They’re a solid indie rock outfit out of Austin, and it seems they’ve developed a decent size fan base. Here’s the title track from their latest album.
  16. Bobby Sessions, “Grateful (Always Somethin’)”
  17. There are performances, and then there are performance. I wandered into Three Links on Saturday night, having lost track of who was playing when and where during the DOMA showcase. It was there where I discovered the power of a Bobby Sessions show. His style of delivery is unique, sounding more like a slam poet than a typical rapper. Even more unique was his ability to not only connect with the audience, but to move those watching the performance. In many ways, this felt more like a spiritual experience than a standard hip-hop show. These are words I do not say lightly, and I witnessed more than a few people express to Sessions how his music moved them. Forgive the pun, but it was an experience that I am deeply grateful to have had.

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