Song Debut, “O’When Heaven Kissed Earth”

owhen heaven kissed earth

You know what the problem with Christmas songs is?  They have a limited shelf life.  Play a Christmas song in the middle of July, and you’ll get odd looks at best.  Christmas songs should be played no earlier than the day after Thanksgiving, and absolutely no later than New Year’s Eve.

What if there was an exception to that rule?  I think my friend David Joshua may have found a solution.  His new track, “O’When Heaven Kissed Earth”, does not literally reference Christmas.  Instead, it focuses on the birth of Jesus, and in rather poetic terms (as displayed by the song title). The verses are solid, but its the melodic lift that leads to the chorus where the maximum emotional impact is felt. If I were to have a complaint about the song, it would be its length.  It clocks in at a mere two minutes and twelve seconds, leaving me longing for more.  On the scale of things to complain about, that’s not so bad. And the fact that I could even imagine listening to this song year round? Now that’s a gift of a Christmas song.

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