The Top 101 Songs of 2017: #70-61

MMR two
Photo of Medicine Man Revival courtesy of: Cal Quinn

Enjoy today’s segment of my Top 101 songs of 2017.  I’ll be taking a break from the countdown until Tuesday, when the bottom half of the countdown will be concluded.  Today, though, we focus on #70-61.

  1. Little Beards, “Office Matinee”
    Can Sean Kirkpartick do no wrong in the arena of electronic music? This song seems to reinforce the idea that the answer is no.
  2. Reagan James, “Better Than This”
    Reagan released two EP’s this year (Message and Honey), both of which show this young lady to be a force in pop music. Perhaps that’s why she won Ghostys in both the area of Best Pop Act, as well as Best Female Vocalist.
  3. Crystal Yates, “Raining in Amarillo”
    Fun fact: The Ghost discovered this song one weekend that Ms. Yates was performing in town, and then I kept blanking on her name. Once I rediscovered her and this song, both made a permanent place in my Spotify. What a lovely, heartbreaking Country song.
  4. Jean Caffeine, “Winterland (Talking Blues)”
    Austin singer-songwriter Jean Caffeine composed a lovely, bittersweet reflection on her musical youth. Even though The Ghost was only six when the 1970’s ended, it makes me wish I would visit Winterland.
  5. Medicine Man Revival (feat. -Topic), “We Are Love”
    The Ghost has been a supporter of Keite Young ever since discovering him back in 2010 when he fronted The Black & Blue. It’s good to see Mr. Young discover such success with his new project, Medicine Man Revival.
  6. Farah, “The Only Ones”
    Farah’s delivery may be droll and flat, yet that’s the charm of this track. That, as well as the sick beat that accompanies her on “The Only Ones.”
  7. Ty Richards, “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”
    This track should’ve gotten more exposure from The Ghost. Had I blogged more in the first half of 2017, it could have (and would have) gotten the attention from me it deserved. Oh well, shoulda coulda woulda.
  8. Ronnie Fauss (feat. Ben Kweller), “Saginaw Paper Mill”
    Generally, The Ghost has found Mr. Fauss’ ballads to be his musical highlights. This time, he managed a real winner with this rocker. The musical assistance from Ben Kweller likely didn’t hurt matters.
  9. JIBE, “We’ve Only Just Begun”
    One might be tempted to view the reunion of JIBE as a nostalgia act. Tunes like “We’ve Only Just Begin” show that the band’s new material keeps them relevant in today’s era of music.
  10. The Birds of Night, “Blackout”
    The Birds released this new track this year, and guess what? It rocks. What a shocker, right?
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