Monday Mixteen: 1/15/18

Monday Mixteen 20180115

The Ghost hopes that 2018 is continuing to be good to you.  The Ghost has been busy with his day job, along with helping out Deep Ellum Radio with playlists (note: you can also click the Deep Ellum Radio link in the menu to listen).  Hopefully by next Wednesday, my show will resume on the station at its traditional time (Wednesday night, 7 PM CST).  Until then, The Ghost could use more tracks for both the station and my personal show.  I’m not being shy about the mp3’s I want; you can even go to my Bandcamp wishlist page for a partial sampling of tracks I’d like.  Today’s Monday Mixteen is a wishlist of sorts as well.  If you want to send any of these tracks to yours truly, email me at and you’ll likely hear them very soon on the station.  And even if I didn’t request your mp3’s, there’s no law saying you can’t send me tracks and hope for the best.

  1. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Blitzkrieg in Holland”
    Rosegarden Funeral Party is a band that seems to want to explore the full terrain of post-punk sounds. Their debut single, “Horror Music”, resides in the murkier synth-goth parts of post-punk. Their new single, “Blitzkrieg in Holland”, is more guitar driven and leaning heavier on the punk aspect of post-punk. Any way you look at it,
    this is a song that would be right at home on any radio show of mine.
  2. Meach Pango, “Personal Wealth”
    The Ghost has been a fan of Meach Pango for a minute, and now the rest of the scene is catching up.  Hand Drawn Records, winner of last year’s Dallas Observer Award for Best Record Label,  has made them a part of their roster.  So if any members of Meach Pango are reading, send me your mp3’s.  And if any Hand Drawn staff is reading, send me ANY mp3’s of your acts.
  3. Matthew McNeal, “Rumorosa”
    This track is hot off the press, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Mr. McNeal sends me this new track.  Right?  RIGHT???
  4. Pop Poppins, “Be Patient”
    The likelihood of receiving this vintage track from Pop Poppins is pretty low.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to send this wish out into the universe, right?
  5. Jibe, “We’ve Only Just Begun”
    Much of the evening playlists consist of heavier sounds (hard rock, punk, metal), so any band that falls within those genres should definitely consider submitting.  And while the station has been spinning some Jibe classics (“Yesterday’s Gone”, “Naked in the Rain”, “Return Flight”), some new Jibe tracks would be mighty appreciated.
  6. Dead Flowers, “Somebody’s Something”
    I feel a certain sense of shame not owning the new Dead Flowers album.  I just hope my cool card doesn’t get revoked by openly admitting this fact.  Of course, if someone sends me the new album, I could delete this post and pretend that I’ve owned Let Me Be all the while.
  7. French 75, “If You Love”
    Songs this dreamy and catchy are always welcome on my radio show.
  8. Wild Child, “Sinking Ship”
    Deep Ellum Radio plays not only local tracks, but tracks from artists across the state, and even acts that are touring and stopping through the neighborhood.  Wild Child fits both criteria.  The Austin band comes to Trees on February 7 to celebrate their release of Expectations.
  9. St. Vincent, “Masseduction”
    Many would say that St. Vincent doesn’t truly qualify as a local band.  The Ghost personally would use the “Sorta Texas” label for her.  Still, she is semi-local, so I’ll let her slide.  Plus, she’ll be performing at The Bomb Factory on February 24th, and the Bomb Factory is indeed part of Deep Ellum,
  10. Goodnight Ned, “Alive and Well”
    The Ghost has been a fan of this band since almost day one.  That kind of loyalty should be rewarded with an mp3 for airplay purposes, don’t you think?
  11. Cameron Smith • Sur Duda, “Paper Knife”
    Dreamy Life Records has one hell of a roster on its hand, including Cameron Smith’s project, Sur Dada.  I’d say Mr. Smith should send me mp3’s, but really, Dreamy Life is a record label so solid that I’d trust that any artist that release on their label is automatically worthy of being played.
  12. Luna Luna, “You & I”
    This song is part hooks on top on hooks, part beautiful ballad, and all needed on my show.
  13. Black Habits, “Drunk and Dry”
    This is a track that could work equally well on both my show and the Deep Ellum Radio nighttime playlist.
  14. Blue, the Misfit. (featuring Xes), “Perfect Night”
    I do have this track in my collection already, but I’d prefer to have a radio edit of this track (and  any songs that feature profanity).  Just keepin’ it 100… percent family friendly.
  15. The Suffers, “I Think I Love You”
    Here’s another Texas act that would be cool to feature on the station.  After all, there’s always room for soulful goodness on any playlist, right?
  16. Ask for Joy, “Deep in the Night”
    Here’s one final Austin band on my wishlist.  This track feels like equal parts shoegaze and late 1980’s pop music.  It may sound like a strange combo, but it works very nicely.
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