Monday Mixteen: New Year’s Day, 2018

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2017 was a crazy roller coaster ride of a year for The Ghost.  I went the first two and a half months of the year without a peep of the blog due to life stresses.  After that, posts were sporadic as best.  In fact, The Ghost came close to taking an “indefinite hiatus” from the blog.  I was originally to make that announcement the day after The Ghost’s ten year anniversary.  Yet something funny happened on the way to that hiatus that never happened.  I started going to a few shows, and I found myself reconnected: reconnected with the music I love, and with the people I love.  And in spite of its challenges, 2017 has still been an okay year all in all.  And the music was more than okay, which I think my Top 101 countdown proves.

And now, 2017 is over.  That means there’s only one thing to do: begin looking forward into 2018.  The year’s first Monday Mixteen focuses on artists that will be (most likely) releasing new albums/EP’s by year’s end.  I say most likely since after all, delays and life happens.  Still, I think these sixteen acts show that our ears have something to look forward to during these twelve months.

  1. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it too many times to count: I am beyond excited about the release of Emmeline’s first full length album, Rise.  There is still no release date as of yet, but make no mistake: The Ghost plans to announce it practically the second it’s available.
  2. Motorcade, “Recover”
    When a band features members of Baboon, Deathray Davies, and Pleasant Grove, it’s a safe bet the results will be solid.  Everything I’ve heard thus far off of Motorcade’s self-titled album does not disappointment.  I suspect their live set will be impressive as well.  You can discover that for yourself Saturday, Jan. 20th at Good Records, when the band holds their CD release show.
  3. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Siren Song”
    It is common enough for a musician to rave about their upcoming album, suggesting that it’s so much stronger than their previous one.  Sometimes they are right, and other times it’s not as true as they’d like to believe.  Fortunately, Droo D’Anna seems to be telling the truth when raving about his upcoming album with Droo’s Peace Crush.  The songs are better, the production is better, and I’m hoping that their fan base gets better and stronger in 2018.
  4. Salim Nourallah, “Boy in a Record Shop”
    A Salim double CD?  Now that’s exciting!  I do not have a release date for Somewhere South of Sane, other than it will likely drop this Spring, which is too far away.  At least Palo Santo Records was kind enough to share this track from the upcoming release.
  5. The Delzells, “Snide Reply”
    The Ghost loves the artwork from the upcoming Delzells EP to be released on Barf Wave Records.  That’s because it’s a photograph of The Ghost’s favorite type of wasp: a dead one.  Expect to hear a song from the upcoming EP very, very soon on this website.
  6. Karyna Micaela, “New Leaf”
    I may be too hopeful to suggest that this will finally be the year Karyna releases her album.  She was talking about it in 2016 at my Acoustiganza, and the tracks are the strongest she’s written too date.  Perhaps by including her on this list of upcoming 2018 releases, she will feel some pressure to finally finish and release this album.  One can hope.
  7. Monoculture, “Absurd”
    Monoculture is supposed to release their second album this year, and yes, “Absurd” will be included on it.
  8. As the City Sleeps, “Goodbye”
    One of the members of ATCS hinted to another relase from this El Paso band in 2018.  Any chance for a Dallas show to go with that new release?
  9. Atlantis Aquarius, “Nibirian Sun”
    This band earned more than a couple of Ghosty Awards from me last year, and if their full length is as good as the EP, it’s likely they’ll add to their collection.
  10. The Crystal Furs, “Capture You”
    The Ghost’s friend Shelly informed me that both Nicholas Altobelli and Crystal Furs would be releasing new material this year.  She’s even tried to convince the two to collaborate for some amazing poppy sad bastard music.  So here’s the question: do we need to start a petition to make this a thing?
  11. The Nightowls, “Lift Me Up”
    The Austin band knows how to put on a live show, and you can expect a new album from them this year, which will feature this track.
  12. Richard Gilbert, “I Love the Night”
    It’s a night and day difference between Gilbert’s previous EP and his upcoming one.  Alright, so I dabbed in the pun jar there, considering his last EP was I Love the Night and this month he releases Daybreak.  And no, he does not cover Barry Manilow on the EP, although it’d be cool if he did.  Wait, did I say that out loud?
  13. Reagan James, “Honey”
    I’ve heard nothing off of her upcoming mixtape, Assume the Moon Do, but the album artwork is unique, to say the least.  If the material is as intriguing as the cover, expect some minds to be blown.
  14. The Venetian Sailors, “Morning People”
    Robbie Saunders has often mentioned that he has all but finished a second Venetian Sailors album, so I’m trusting he’ll be sharing that with the public by year’s end.  Like I always say, sharing is caring.
  15. Vandoliers, “The Native”
    When I saw Vandoliers at Love & War a week or so ago, they played some new songs that they said would be on an album released this year.  Expect a hint of extra maturity on this album, but not so much that Vandoliers forget how to be fun.  As if that could happen.
  16. Cut Throat Finches, “Reset”
    CTF recorded one heck of an album with Reality.  There wasn’t a loser among the bunch of tracks, and this one right here was my #1 song of 2016.  Can they take the top spot again in 2018?  We’ll see.
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