Spreading the Love: Emmeline & Mattie Michelle


The Ghost is bringing back a feature called Spreading the Love, but this time there’s a twist.  Instead of myself writing about an artist I feel is worthy of attention, a local musician will be writing about one of his/her local favorite artists.  It’s only appropriate that the first guest columnist is Ellen Hinton (aka Ellen Once Again).  After all, this segment is named after one of her songs.  So, without further ado, here’s what Ellen had to say


Lately I’ve been reflecting, as most people do this time of year.  The excitement of the new year is starting to fade a bit and you’re left thinking about your resolutions and how you can do better, be better than you were the year before.  How do I want to start and end this year?

Lucky for me, I had the honor of being asked by The Ghost to spread love to some amazing artist in this community.  It reminded me that hope and love is alway a great place to start.

I was having a little trouble narrowing it down to just one artist.  There are so many artist in this area doing great things, so I decided to choose two artist who give back.

I’ll start with Emmeline.  She’s been a staple in Dallas for as long as I can remember.  Emmeline can captivate an audience with her stories. Her heartfelt and relatable lyrics, are accompanied by sweet vocals and beautiful melodies. Emmeline’s natural charm and personality can make any stage feel intimate.  Not only does she make great music and tell great stories,  but she uses her voice to help others.  She’s quick to do a benefit concert for Hurricane Relief or inspire some young girls to rock on with Girls Rock Dallas.  I’m also impatiently awaiting some new music that is due to be released very soon so I would check her out.

Speaking of inspiring, if you’ve never seen Mattie Michelle perform live you are missing out.  Her show can only be described with words like amazing and mesmerizing.  She draws you in with her enchanting vocals and commands the stage with her creativity and showmanship. Watching Mattie perform feels like an experience.  Not only is she a great artist and performer, but she is true supporter of the community.  She brings holiday cheer to the homeless in the Deep Ellum area through a project called Tents and Tennies where you can donate new tents and unworn tennies to those in need.  She is currently getting ready for The Artist Heart, an all female pop up art benefiting The Heart Association and Heart research.  Mattie Michelle and The Mystics will also be releasing a new single and visual in 2018, and I can’t wait!

Anyway, Happy New Year!  May you be better and wiser in 2018.  Most importantly,  May you spread love wherever you go.  

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