Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 1/2/18

Photo of M'Lynn by: Zavier Deangelo

Here we are with the year’s first Ten for Your Attention.  While most of these tracks were released last year, many were either released towards the very end or did not gather the attention they deserved.  Several of the acts garnered minor attention last year, but The Ghost suspects that some of these names will become local music favorites by the end of the year.  Shall we start?

Here’s one band that needs no introduction: Convoy & The Cattlemen.  The band gathered a certain amount of attention by featuring Alex Johnson (of House Harkonnen) on steel guitar.  It may seem odd to have a member of one of Dallas’ heaviest bands to perform on the instrument most closely associated with country, but Johnson does so with style.  Convoy & The Cattlemen have become one of the more popular country acts out there, and writing great new songs like “Division Dive” will likely only help their popularity.


Hall Johnson is best known from their Dallas Observer article spotlighting their success on Spotify in spite of a minimal online presence and practically no shows on the horizon at the time of the article.  Well, the band has a new EP out, Goalie, as well as a show Jan. 12 at the Ridglea in Fort Worth.  One thing that hasn’t changed is that the band still writes some catchy tunes.  “City Lights” was their big Spotify hit, and the EP’s first track “Back Bay”, is certainly bouncier sounding and arguably even catchier.


Hey Cowboy must love irony.  To choose that name when your music is electronic in nature must show an appreciation for irony.  This Denton band has been flying low under the radar, but I expect to change very quickly.  For starters, the band will open for Acid Carousel at Ridglea Lounge Friday, January 26th.  A few opening gigs of such a caliber will probably force the metroplex to take note.  That, and cool songs like “Cowboy” from their first full length album, The Soft Kind.


Here’s a track hot of the presses: former Houston native Kalli Therinae just released a brand new song, “Highway”.  I discovered the act in 2015, thanks to her gorgeous debut single, “Bipolarity”.  Her new single favors synths and beats over the pianos and strings on her first single, but it’s still intriguing in its own right.


The Animal Spirit camp has been quiet as of late, but member Andrew Stroheker has found another musical outlet.  The Ghost doesn’t know much more about Keanu Leaves, other than Mr. Stroheker is at least a part of the project (it might even be a one-man band for all I know).  The other thing I know?  The guitars in “This Is War” are plenty jangly, and fans of Animal Spirit will likely dig this hard.


Question: is it legit to allow a 2017 song into a 2018 year end countdown?  Luna Luna released this track the day before New Year’s Eve, and let me just say this: DAMN, this track is awesome!  It felt like the race for the best song of 2018 began two days too early.  This Dallas based band is already getting some buzz, and after the release of this song, that buzz should be deafening.


There’s something about M’Lynn (shown above) that makes The Ghost think she’s an artist to watch in 2018. Her EP release for Grounding is this Saturday at Poor David’s Pub, and she’s allowed  The Ghost to debut “Just Take Time” for your streaming pleasure.  It’s a jazzy, sultry number that is smooth as silk.  The Ghosts suspects this is not the last time she’ll be mentioned on the blog.


This new track by Radioactivity, “Danger”, popped up in my Spotify Release Radar, and it surprised me a bit.  This song has been released with seemingly no fanfare, and that seems odd.  The band has always been a critical favorite in Dallas, and this sloppy punk track sounds good in my ears.  Why there hasn’t been more talk about it is beyond me, but perhaps this feature will get the word out.


New Year’s Day was yesterday, but anytime is a good time to wish someone “Happy New Year’s”.  More specifically, anytime is a good time to share this track from the new Winesburg album, The Kairos Machine.  Fans of indie songwriters like Sufjan Stevens will likely eat up the intelligently written lyrics.  It’s worth note that while The Ghost selected this particularly track because of its timeliness, this album from beginning to end is a winner.  Jon Ladner, the man behind Winesburg, I toast to you, sir.


Richard Keller, bass player of Dallas band The Wizzywigs, reached out to The Ghost and even sent him some mp3’s.  As a result, I’m sharing “Lorem Ipsum” on the blog, and will likely either play that song or another track from their EP on an upcoming Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio show.  Moral of the story?  Send me your tracks and mp3’s.

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