Monday Mixteen: 2/12/18

Monday Mixteen 20180212

The Ghost has been rather busy with Directing the Programming at Deep Ellum Radio.  As a result, the blog has been a bit neglected.  So today, to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day, I am bringing back the Monday Mixteen.  I put the word celebrate in quotes because anyone who knows me realizes that I don’t celebrate that holiday.  After all, celebrate implies an appreciation and fondness for the day, neither of which I have for February 14th.

I am, however, going to do an obligatory love themed playlist.  In fact, all the tracks feature the word love in the title.  That’s not to suggest all these sounds are traditional love songs.  A few are, but overall this playlist explores the many facets of that complicated thing we humans call love.

  1. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    One thing The Ghost does indeed love is a good heartbreak song. The Ghost also loves the music of Emmeline, and particular this upcoming album of hers, Rise.  So what better way to kick off this playlist than with an Emmeline heartbreak track?
  2. The Unlikely Candidates, “Your Love Could Start a War”
    I’ve been slow to love The Unlikely Candidates, but The Ghost is most definitely coming around. Sure, this is a band that is undeniably seeking to be a favorite on mainstream radio. Still, the hooks are real.
  3. Toadies, “Mister Love”
    So, Vaden Todd Lewis is going to such us a thing or two about love? Why does that sound more like a threat than a romantic gesture?
  4. Ryan Berg, “What Your Love Does”
    Just a nice, sweet, laid-back folkish song.
  5. T-4-2, “Don’t Let My Love”
    Have you heard about Kontrast: Texas Synthfest? It’s gonna be a massive event for lovers for synth-pop and electronic music? T-4-2, arguably the biggest synth-pop band to ever emerge from the metroplex, headlines the show. Oh, and for some strange reason, someone at the festival thought it was a good idea to kick off the show with a Ghost of Blind Lemon DJ set. Let’s hope they don’t regret it.
  6. The Suffers, “I Think I Love You”
    I still think The Suffers need to do a cover of the David Cassidy song that shares only its name with this track. I doubt it’ll ever happen, but a Ghost can wish, right?
  7. M’Lynn, “Gave All My Love to You”
    M’ynn may only be 19, but she has a smooth, sophisticated style far beyond her years.
  8. Sarah Jaffe, “Hooray for Love”
    Can’t you hear the celebratory tone in Ms. Jaffe’s voice? Yeah, neither do I. It’s more a combination of mockery and disdain for the emotion than the celebration, making it a perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day anthem.
  9. French 75, “If You Love”
    French 75 seems to be on a love kick with their previous single (“Your Love”) and the new track. As usual, the band explores the dreamier side of pop music, and they always make it sound good.
  10. Eleven Hundred Springs, “Nobody Falls in Love in a Place Like This”
    Because honky-tonkers need love too.
  11. Medicine Man Revival (feat. Topic), “We Are Love”
    How do I get that fire emoji on here? Because that’s all I have to say right now.
  12. Richard Gilbert, “I’ll Never Give Up on Love”
    Mr. Gilbert may not have a traditionally beautiful voice, but there is a pure sincerity in his delivery that is undeniable. Pair that off with his poignant lyrics, and you have a singer-songwriter that will tug at any of your loose heartstrings.
  13. Erika Wennerstrom, “Extraordinary Love”
    So, last time I featured Ms. Wennerstrom in a playlist, I was oblivious to the fact that she used to be in Heartless Bastards. Hey, cut me a little slack. It was a period when The Ghost never musically strayed beyond metroplex lines. While not a newcomer to the music scene, tracks like this show that she’ll have no trouble winning over new fans.
  14. Ellen Once Again, “Spreading the Love”
    That reminds me, I need some musicians who’d be willing to do another Spreading the Love write-up. If you have an idea on a musician you’d like to write about, Talk to The Ghost and tell me more!
  15. Slim Lemon, “Got the Love”
    I’m not sure this is a song you’d wanna play when you’re trying to set a romantic mood with that special someone. If you’re looking to get a party started, however, this song will more than suffice. Also, if the live show is as much fun as this track, Slim Lemon’s gonna have a great 2018!
  16. Daniel Johnston, “True Love Will Find You in the End”
    I’ll admit, Johnston’s voice may seem a bit irritating at first. But if you can get past his nasally tone, you’ll find one short and incredibly sweet ballad.

That wraps up the playlist, but tell me, would you like to hear The Ghost play some love songs on Valentine’s Day? Well that’s too bad, because the only kind of love songs I’ll be playing this Wednesday on Deep Ellum Radio are the sour kind. I still hope you’ll spend your Valentine’s evening with The Ghost, as I play cool local tracks without any of that mushy stuff.

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