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Kontrast synthfest

This is an event that The Ghost has not discussed enough, or at least not on this blog. Kontrast is a showcase happening Saturday at Deep Ellum Art Co. that is bound to appeal to lovers of synth-pop and synth-heavy tunes. The lineup features Mirror Box (a new project featuring Sean Kirkpatrick), Secrecies (featuring Ghosty winner for Best Keyboardist, Shawn Magill), as well as isopod, Programme, and Sevit. The lineup also features several talented DJ’s (Lord Byron, Gabriel Mendoza, DJ Culturegang & DJ El Macho, and DJ Red Vamp), and one talentless hack of a DJ (Ghost of Blind Lemon). But hey, people love a good train wreck, right?

Oh, wait, I’ve failed to mention the most impressive part of this evening. The headlining act is none other than T-4-2. For local synth pop fans, there is likely no bigger name to drop than T-4-2. The duo earned enough local buzz off their track “Don’t Let My Love” to ink a deal with Columbia Records. That track was re-released on their Columbia release, Intruder, along with their single “Desire”. How does The Ghost feel being on the same lineup with these new wave greats? I may pull a Wayne & Garth moment, bow down before the band, and start yelling, “I’m not worthy!” Don’t worry, I probably won’t do something that silly. Probably.

If you want to see some great bands perform Saturday night for free, well The Ghost is gonna give you a chance for the hookup. Here’s what you have to do:\

  1. Tune in to tonight’s episode of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio tonight on Deep Ellum Radio from 7-9 PM CST (you can listen to the station thru the GOBL page).
  2. I will play three songs through the course of the show by bands performing at Kontrast.
  3. When you hear me mention the title of the third song, email me at ghostofblindlemon@gmail.com with that song title as the subject.
  4. If you’re the first person to send me an email with the correct song title, you will have a pair of tickets waiting for you at the door Saturday night.

And if you’re not lucky enough to win, you can still purchase tickets online.   Which you should do.  Like, now.

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