Monday Mixteen: 6/18/18

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OK, so I’m a bit late in posting this on a Monday.  I do sort of have an excuse.  Yesterday, since The Ghost was lacking inspiration, I decided to make this an all request edition of the Monday Mixteen.  So really, it’s everyone else’s fault for not getting requests to me sooner, right?  That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

In reality, I’m quite glad that I got some feedback from those who commented on my Facebook and Instagram posts.  It made the take the time to examine artists that I was often either unfamiliar with, or whose works I had not listened to carefully enough.  Perhaps I should do this more often.  Except next time, I’ll get the word out earlier than Sunday afternoon.

  1. Electrik Ants, “Orbital Insertion”
    Electrik Ants are the only act to be requested twice by my readers. Word is that their live shows are quite amazing; it’s a hypothesis I hope to test soon.
  2. Tish Hinojosa, “West”
    There are those musician’s names that seem ever so familiar, yet your knowledge of their work is non-existent. Such has been the case for me with Ms. Hinojosa. I thank my friend from high school, Tiffany, for putting a sound to the name.
  3. Ellen Once Again, “Call the Doctor”
    My friend Emmeline requested this fun and catchy number. There’s always a sense of happiness to be felt when Ellen’s music is being played.
  4. Drunk, “Queen of the Carribean”
    I forgot who told me about Drunk earlier this year, but I gave their music only a passing listen. Perhaps the track I listened to wasn’t as gorgeous as this, or it could have been that I was not in the right state of mind to feel their music. Let me now go on record as saying I like Drunk. That sounds all sorts of wrong.
  5. Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers, “Lonely”
    If Roy Orbison were still alive and writing songs, I could imagine him penning something like “Lonely”.  Chris Welch straddles the line between country and soul in a similar vein to how Mr. Orbison did it over half a century ago.  Thanks to Nil Ferrin for this killer request.  No word on why her former KNON sidekick, Veronica Young, didn’t harass me to add some Loyal Sally to this playlist.
  6. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    Emmeline is the only individual to both request a song and also be the act another fan requested. This song is from what Emmeline claims will be her debut full-length, Rise. I use the word “claims” since I have heard much talk about the release, yet still nothing concrete. She’s apparently taking a cue from Rahim Quazi’s playbook of making fans wait a long, long, long time for an album.
  7. Jenna Clark, “Graceless”
    The track was released in February, but there’s a light, breezy quality to the melody that seems a perfect summertime jam. I dare you to change my mind on that.
  8. Partaker, “Monochrome”
    When I saw Jon Rose of The Delzells express interest in requesting a song, I predicted he would merely try to get me to play his band. Instead, he recommended two fine choices: Un Chien and Partaker. I went with Partaker as it’s a band I’ve talked less about, and that I also need to be paying more attention to. The soft-heavy dynamics of this track demonstrate how interesting and engaging of a listen Partaker is. I suppose I should partake of their music more often.
  9. Mitchell Ferguson, “Cry”
    I don’t recall who requested this track off the top of my head, but this track is golden.
  10. Oil Boom, “Delta Rice”
    Thanks to my friend Jenny, who finally requested Oil Boom after being reminded that I’m looking only for local or Texas based acts for the playlist. I will, however, check out the tracks she recommended by David Bazan and El Ten Eleven. I just won’t be writing about them here; that’s all.
  11. Kinsley August, “Another Try”
    Kinsley requested the Drunk track, as well as requesting his own track. The Ghost is always happy to play tracks by Kinsley. While this is certainly one of the more fun tracks he’s released to date, it still pales to the hints of what I’ve heard from his upcoming album.
  12. Whiskey Folk Ramblers, “Just Like Heaven”
    Tyler Rogeux of WFR also requested a track (Jenna Clark) in addition to requesting his own act. The Ghost is a big Cure fan, and I’d say that that WFR did a cover that while melodically didn’t veer far from the original, the style is decidedly Whiskey Folk Ramblers.
  13. Maya Piata, “Sunday Working”
  14. Brave Little Howl, “Stories by the Campfire”
  15. Sex Regrets, “Shark Week”
  16. Jacob Furr, “Life Comes at You Fast”
    The last four tracks were recommended by the artist (or a musician within that band), but these are some pretty darn good tracks. And hey, it saved me from having to follow through on my threat to add Vanilla Ice and Jessica Simpson songs on the Monday Mixteen.
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