Monday Mixteen: 6/4/18

My-YE-cover final

It seems like Kanye West is back on point.  His latest album, Ye, is certainly an engaging album.  The album’s cover has become almost instantly iconic, even inspiring a Ye Meme Generator.  But really, do you think that The Ghost would cheapen himself to do a Ye themed playlist with a Ye inspired cover photo?

Yes.  Yes he would.

The below sixteen songs have one thing in common.  At some point in this song’s title, you’ll see the letters ye together.  Sometimes it’s inside the word, sometimes it’s the beginning of the word.  In one case, ye is the word in and of itself.  So enjoy this playlist, and let’s hope Kanye doesn’t sue The Ghost for adapting his art cover work; that would be bad.  Yikes!

  1. Broken Baby, “Year of the Fat Man”
  2. Doug Burr, “I Got This Fever/O Ye Devastator”
  3. The Moths, “Yeti Claws”
  4. Daniel Markham, “Slayer Tapes & AM Radio”
  5. Ting Tang Tina, “Yellow and Blue”
  6. Sleepy Zuhoski, “Asleep for a Year”
  7. Caved Mountains, “Red Eyes of Gold”
  8. Jenna Clark, “Fifty Years”
  9. Felt & Fur, “The Drug Years”
  10. Bloody Knives, “Stare Into Your Eyes”
  11. The Demigs, “Yeller”
  12. Garrett Owen, “Sad Eyed Son”
  13. The Prof.Fuzz 63, “Three-Way Tie for Dog of the Year”
  14. Shearwater, “Breaking the Yearlings”
  15. Tripping Daisy, “Waited a Light Year”
  16. Kaela Sinclair, “Clear Eyes”
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