The Threekend: 6/8/18


Welcome to a new feature on the blog, The Threekend.  Goofy title?  Absolutely!  But it’s catchy in that goofy sort of way, so perhaps it’ll stick in your head.  The concept of The Threekend is quite simple: I recommend the three shows over the weekend that are the most significant/interesting/fun/you get the idea.  I write a little blurb on each, waste time on GIMP assembling a cover photo, and there you have The Threekend.  But what three shows make up the best weekend pics?  Here are The Ghost’s choices for The Threekend.

Shinyribs/Jaimee Harris (Saturday, Kessler Theater)
The Ghost has been a bit slow to catch on to the unique sounds of Shinyribs, but I’m starting to get the appeal. Word is that Shinyribs does an amazing live set, and I have no reason to doubt that. For as strong of an act as Shinyribs is, what places this show in The Threekend is the opener, Jaimee Harris. Ms. Harris has been proving her talents since her teenage years back with Better Off Dad. Her talent has only grown since then. This will be Jaimee’s first time on the Kessler stage, but I doubt it will be her last.

Ronnie Heart Band/Maya Piata (CD Release Show)/Rei Altru (Friday, Regal Room)
It’s hard to gauge how representative “Same Way” will be of the sound of Piata’s new EP, Vernal.  That single has become something of a regular on the GOBL Radio show, and for good reason.  The single manages to take the heart of 90’s R&B and infuse it with a shot of modern indie aesthetics.  It’s the kind of song that would foreshadow a career of musical innovation.  And on a separate note, Ronnie Heart always puts in fun in funk, so there’s that too.

Doug Burr/Jake Paleschic/Garrett Owen (Main at South Side)
It seems as if Fort Worth is more appreciative of its singer-songwriters than Dallas. I don’t know what the disconnect is for most Dallasites is; perhaps they only want to rock and party. Either way, this lineup is a musical heaven for enthusiasts of folk and acoustic styled music. Garrett Owen has finally had people take notice of his talent after years of strumming under the radar. Songs like “Sad Eyed Son” and “Rose Hill” demonstrates why he’s the perfect balance of the terms singer-songwriter. Jake Paleschic has gathered quite a following for his thoughtful country tunes. And Doug Burr? If there were to be a Dallas Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, it would be a crime for him not to be one of the first inductees.

It should be noted that there are many other great shows happening this weekend. You can find a more thorough listing on this website’s calendar. Regardless of your methodology, find yourself a good local show to see this weekend!

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