Threekend: 6/15/18

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Again, The Ghost reminds you that The Threekend is only a partial listing of the great shows happening this weekend.  Check out the Ghost of Blind Lemon Calendar for a more thorough examination of shows happening this weekend.  This segment does, however, spotlight three of the best shows over the course of this weekend.  Here are The Ghost’s picks.

HypeFest (Saturday, The Rustic)
When it comes to local PR, Amber LaFrance and Culture Hype are the king (or should I say queen) of the game.  The list of great acts I have discovered through Culture Hype is far too long for me to list.  As it turns out, many of those artists will be performing this Saturday at Rustic for HypeFest, celebrating Culture Hype’s five year anniversary.  The all day show will encompass many genres, from hip-hop (88 Killa) to singer-songwriter (Remy Reilly) to R&B (Maya Piata) and rock n’ roll (The Mammoths).  And the talent doesn’t stop at that list: Larry g(EE), Goodnight Ned (shown above, center), Becky Middleton, and Henry The Archer are among the performers.  The Rustic could have charged a $20 cover charge, and I’d still argue it to be a reasonable price.  The beauty is that there is absolutely NO cover.  That makes this event even more remarkable.

Duell/Rosegarden Funeral Party/Sub-Sahara (Friday, Ruins)
I have heard little about the venue Ruins, but the fact that King Camel is booking shows there is most definitely a promising sign.  The lineup is undoubtedly strong, although Duell’s heavy sounds seem the odd man out on this bill.  Sub-Sahara’s sound comes off as a more aggressive version of early period Cure, while Leah Lane of Rosegarden Funeral Party (shown above, right) is the undisputed queen of local goth-influenced rock.  So yes, the sludgy thunder of Duell is comparatively out of step, but that’s okay; good music is good music.

Hightower (Friday, Pecan Lodge)
There were several artists I debated on for the third and final slot, but in the end, Hightower won out.  Their blend of blues, rock, and pop is the perfect musical complement to this summery season.  Oh, and the food at Pecan Lodge isn’t half bad either, you know?

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